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by Jacob P.

Created 02/18/18

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I only recently started collecting, so I don’t have most of the films here, but I still adore all of these.

  • Twin Peaks is the TV show that made me become interested in David Lynch, who in turn, made me become interested in cinema as a whole. I owe my passion to Twin Peaks, and it’s movie spinoff.

  • I had seen a few Kurosawa films before this, and I loved all of them, but when I saw High and Low for the first time, it was as if my whole perspective on cinema had changed. I consider every shot in this film to be a perfect shot, and it never wears on me.

  • Harry Dean Stanton is my favorite male actor of all time, and this is one of the only films where he got a lead. I think he did an absolutely phenomenal job. Plus, it’s just one of the most gorgeous films I’ve ever seen.

  • I often get annoyed by dreams in films, a lot of times, they don’t feel like actual dreams to me, so I can’t really dig it. 8 1/2's dream sequences feel 100% like the dreams I have. Plus it’s very funny, and obviously excellently directed.

  • Either the first or the second Kurosawa film I ever saw (I can’t remember if it was this or Yojimbo), this film just killed me. It’s overwhelmingly emotional, and so well directed. I consider the scene where he sings Life is Brief for the first time to be the best scene in a Kurosawa film, hands down.

  • My favorite Kubrick film, mainly because of Kirk Douglas. He is one of my favorite actors from this era, and he gives one of best performances.

  • Obviously one of the greatest films ever, if you don’t know why I picked this, you haven’t seen the film.

  • I like a few Hitchcock films, but more often than not, I end up disappointed with his work. Charade is everything that I want a Hitchcock film to be, right down to starring Cary Grant. Plus, it has a twist that I genuinely didn’t see coming, which is great.

  • Jimmy Stewart's best film. Not my favorite performance from him, but still very witty. I think George C. Scott does the best work here, though.

  • The first David Lynch movie I saw after watching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. I don't love it as much as Lost Highway, but seeing as how that is not in the collection, yadda yadda yadda.

  • Cuarón needs to have more films in the collection. I’m glad this one is here, it’s one of my favorites by him, but two is not enough.

  • Charlie Chaplin films are some of the most emotional films for me, but this is the only one that makes me cry. The end speech feels like I’m watching the climax of Chaplin's entire career from The Kid on.

  • Obviously a very unique film, there aren’t many things I love more than when David Lynch goes balls-to-the-wall strange.

  • One of the most gorgeous and best edited films I’ve ever seen. I listen to the main theme at least once a week Becca use it is so beautiful.

  • In my opinion, the Coen Brother's best film. Llewyn Davis is a character I connect with a lot, and Oscar Isaac was the perfect choice to play him.

  • If Adaptation. were in the collection, it’d be much higher than this, but I’m glad it’s here as well. I think Charlie Kaufman is one of the greatest writers ever, and this was his first film. It’s a genius project.

  • I really do not like Star Wars at all, but I adore Hidden Fortress. It has pretty much everything you could want out of an adventure movie.

  • One of the first Criterions I ever saw, this film is just genius, if you ask me. I’m glad it finally got that Blu-Ray release.

  • I know it might be blasphemy to some to put this above Yojimbo, but to me, this is just so much more thrilling. Yojimbo is kind of slow moving, but this feels so much more tense.

  • This is the only one of the Before Trilogy that I have seen so far, but intend to see the other two as soon as I can.

  • One of the funniest movies ever made. If you’ve never watched it, don’t read anything about it, because the places it goes are absolutely unpredictable.

  • Again, a controversial choice, but I think this is just way more fun than Red and Blue.

  • Another absolute riot from Hal Ashby. My favorite way in which Harold kills himself is probably the harakiri scene.

  • You know, going into this, I thought, "Man, this is kind of late in the game for Kurosawa. Will he handle it as well as he does everything else?" Of course he does, I’m an idiot.

  • Guys, this is spine number 1! Get this on Blu-Ray already!

  • A film that blew me away the first time I watched it. Gotta love Peter Falk.

  • I adore this film's depiction of a revolution. I imagine it's one of the only films people will ever see that has them sympathizing with terrorists. Or at least I do.

  • Absolutely hilarious. I don't like it as much as Holy Grail, but this is definitely more of a commentary on religion and whatnot.

  • Wilder is one of my favorite directors, I think it's a shame he doesn't have more in the collection. That being said, this is my favorite, and if any of his films deserve to be here, it's this.

  • One of the most important films ever, an absolute must-watch for everyone who wants to get into cinema.


  • One of the sweetest things you'll ever see. It also has one of the greatest closing-shots ever filmed.

  • If I could ever get around to rewatching Andrei Rublev, it'd probably be higher than this. But as is, this is my favorite Tarkovsky film.

  • Yeah, that's right, I like Blue AND White more than Red. Come at me!

  • If The Game had a different, more Fincherian ending than it does, I think it'd be a perfect film about paranoia.

  • The scene where the Captain just beats a dude's face in with a bottle is one of my favorite tonal switch-ups ever.

  • I honestly can't quite put my finger as to the cause of my admiration for this film. Maybe I'm just a Kubrick fanboy, I don't know. But it is a really great film, nonetheless.

  • My favorite work by Melville, this is the one that I am able to take the most seriously, and that's what I want out of a movie.

  • Ever since I first saw it, I've said Black Narcissus is the closest I've seen a pre-Psycho film get to modern horror. It really is such an amazing film.

  • I'll admit, it took me a couple of watches to really love Dr. Strangelove, but when I did, it went from being my least favorite Kubrick film to, like, my 5th or 6th.


  • Just a really wonderful film. It's not really wonderful in a childlike way, in fact I'm not sure what makes me call it wonderful. It just is.

  • Maybe the first Kurosawa film I ever saw, this is one of the most fun films ever made, even if I don't think it's absolutely thrilling from beginning to end.

  • This is, I think, the most simple of the Three Colors trilogy. Blue is more beautiful and emotional, and White is just more fun, but Red has probably the best relationship, between the judge and the girl. All Three are essentials for me, it just happens that this one is the one I enjoy the least.

  • Not my favorite Hitchcock film, I like Psycho and Strangers On a Train more, but this is my favorite in the Collection. Like most all Hitchcock films, I think it takes a dip once the twist, or whatever, is revealed, but the buildup, and the ending is excellently gothic.

  • I hate the notion that Kurosawa is a very western filmmaker, just because he adapts European and American stories. I personally find Japanese history to be far more fascinating than European or Western, and I love the way Kurosawa integrates Western ideas into his culture.

  • This was the first Chaplin film I watched with my brother, and that was a very nice experience. I need to show him more, though.

  • I mean, they just don't come much sadder than this. Everything about it is heart-wrenching. In any other film, I'd say Ms. Giulietta was the shining star, but here, I think it's actually Quinn.

  • I think the Killing is one of the best directed films of the 50's. I really love that the Blu-Ray comes with a remastered version of Killer's Kiss, which I think is a really underappreciated film.

  • I saw this in a theater with my dad and my brother, because it is one of my favorites that they hadn't seen. We had shitty seats, but we still really enjoyed the film, and I think it's one of Jimmy Stewart's most quotable.

    "Is that an alcoholic beverage?"
    "Thank thee."

  • I love Tony Curtis.

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