My Criterion Top 10

by AtomHeartZombie

Created 01/12/18

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Being single for 22 years gave me a lot of time to find out more about myself. In that time I found film to be a comforting friend. What followed was an intense love for films of all kinds that continues to this day. When I was younger I would browse the Criteriom section at Barnes and Noble, only because I was fascinated with the artwork. As I got older, I found myself addicted to Criterion, and I still have an itch to buy more movies than I can afford to this day.

  • The first film in the collection I bought. At 14 I ordered the DVD online and was blown away. This was the first film I had ever watched that showed me there doesn't have to be a story to entertain you. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas took what I had prevously known about films and threw it out the window.

  • I first wanted to see House when I saw the cover at Barnes and Noble at a young age. I was obsessed with the trailer and the goofiness of it all.

    I'm glad I waited until I got older, because I became much more knowledgeable about film and Japanese culture. This knowledge allowed me to see House as something more than madcap silliness. There's a warmness to this film that I fall in love with every time I watch it. This is really a sweet film.

  • What started the addiction. This is the first Criterion Blu Ray I bought. When I was a teenager I fell in love with Wes Anderson's films, and as I got older they started to actually make more sense. Behind the bright Demy-esque colors is a world of sadness and hurt, and the Royal Tenenbaums really blew me away when I rewatched it as an adult.

  • Anything I say about Seven Samurai has been said 1000 times before. Truly a classic.

  • One of the greatest films I have ever seen. The three strip Technicolor only adds to the magic. The fastest two and a half hours I have spent with a film since Goodfellas.

  • I absolutely adore Orson Welles. I stumbled upon this film one day when changing the channels and was hooked. The man was truly a magician.

  • The greatest film I have ever seen, period. Kurosawa is at the top of his game here, and Mifune gives a great performance as always. One of the only films to make me cry.

  • Ikiru really helped me when going through a phase where I was truly frightened with death. Shimura give the performance of a lifetime here, and I wish more people would give this one a look. A masterpiece.

  • I didn't get it the first time, but after repeat viewings, I find Tati's Playtime to be one of the most enjoyable film experiences of my life. If there is ever a 70MM showing around me I will be forced to go.

  • The first time I watched Mulholland Drive I didn't understand a single thing. That "Silencio" ending really made me say "what?!" Out loud. Now when I watch it, it still doesn't make sense. But, that's the fun in it all. Roger Ebert was correct when he stated that this was the only film that could be watchable without making a single bit of sense.

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