Need to see...

by leon h.

Created 07/17/12

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These are films I've heard very good things about that I need to watch for myself.


  • By Celine-Julie
    July 30, 2012
    08:58 PM

    Are you insane?!? Only watch Blithe Spirit and not Brief Encounter?!?! Brief Encounter's one of the top 5 british movies of all time! You really need to see it! and A Nous La Liberte, bank dick, children of paradise, and discreet charm are hysterical. Madame De, Diabolique, and Docks Of New York are must sees
    • By leon h.
      August 01, 2012
      01:01 PM

      thank you for writing. there was a band in athens, georgia, with the name AsaNisiMasa in the mid 90s. they were good. i've got 25 movies on this list and i'm just up to the E's! i love criterion...