Best Films for Film Crews

by Sean Armstrong

Created 07/17/12

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These films all lift the veil from the sausage factory of entertainment-making. No one who has ever been behind the scenes can deny the humor and relevance of these classics.


  • By Collection
    August 01, 2012
    11:11 PM

    This list, which goes beyond any fourth wall breach, will stay on my mind now. Noticed Symbiopsychotaxiplasm isn't yet in your collection. Pick it up and you may agree that it merits inclusion in this list.
  • By AMVP
    October 13, 2012
    04:27 PM

    There's always the concern with meta-narratives such as these of alienating and exasperating the audience, namely those not of the "movie-buff" set. Heck, even I can find the form tiresome at times. It took me 2 tries to make it through 8 1/2, and I've yet to drag myself back to CQ. Still, when they work, they work, to the extent that many a movie about movies ranks up there with my all-time favorites (including Jonze's Malkovich follow-up).