My Very Own Top Ten

by Travis Zandi

Created 07/16/12

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I tried compiling a list of my top ten Criterion discs a few months back and I ran into a few (personal) problems.

1. There are so many films that I haven't seen. Even in my personal collection, there are movies that I haven't watched yet and commentaries I haven't heard.

2. How much should special features count? I am a huge fan of commentaries, but is it fair to penalize those films that aren't provided with one?

3. What about box sets? It seems like cheating to include the Adventures of Antoine Doinel as one entry, but the individual films are at an overall disadvantage when compared to, say, Brazil.

Well, here's my best shot.

  • After spending a weekend with this DVD in college, this became my favorite movie for a while and a love affair with the Criterion Collection was born.

  • Probably the best work from probably my favorite director working today.

  • A sentimental choice. This was my favorite movie when I was a kid, even though my VHS copy cut out during the climactic speech. When Criterion announced their edition, I was ecstatic.

  • Just rewatched this and it is even better than I remembered.

  • Sure, everybody loves the 400 Blows, but this was actually my first exposure to Antoine. It was during a film class with Dr. Becvar. I was still in college when the collected set was released and I think it blew his mind a little bit that all of the films were together in a single place.

  • Sorry Chungking Express, Do the Right Thing, This is Spinal Tap, Kiss Me Deadly, Playtime, Robocop, Hoop Dreams, Charade, Solaris and Secret Honor, but my love of Mamet finally made the last cut.

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