The Media Is The Devil

by yourmrjones

Created 07/16/12

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Art. Memoir. Journalism. Film. Live Television Variety. Television Soap Operas. John Malkovich. No matter what the media, someone... somewhere is going to be hurt. Maybe killed. Maybe lose their soul. Or their mind. Cinema and Television tells us all (who better?). The media- it's the devil.

  • A reporter risks an innocent chump's life for the story of a lifetime. One of the sunniest noirs ever made.

  • Getting an item in an influential column is the most important thing in the world. More important than a young couple's happiness certainly.

  • Welles looks at liars in art and published memoirs. With music by that French liar Michel Legrand.

  • If it hadn't been for one director's enslavement to pretension... we might have been robbed of "Ants in Your Pants of 1940".

  • Film or Italian Women. Truly the media is the devil.

  • One lonely sound technician's dedication to the truth brings him misery and the perfect scream.

  • In "The Comedian", Rod Serling and John Frankenheimer adapt Ernest Lehman's quasi-prequel to "Sweet Smell of Success" (featuring an appearance from J.J. Hunsecker's rival columnist Otis Ellwell) in order to examine a true showbiz monster- a comedian.

  • Who is John Cassavetes really sacrificing his first born to- Satan or Sweet Lady Television Soap Opera?

  • Is it immortality... or just the siren call of being a revered eccentric character actor?

  • Director makes career-ending full; plays evil father of serial killer who uses a deadly camera tripod to kill. What's not to love?

  • The world's most psychedelic humorist takes on the world's most psychedelic journalist.
    "Trippy" is too small a word.


  • By AlexHall
    July 26, 2012
    11:12 PM

    Videodrome not worthy? No disrespect or anything, it's still a great list!
  • By azzyistired
    July 28, 2012
    02:11 PM

    what about fear and loathing in las vegas? the journalist becomes his own story
  • By MainelyKirby
    July 31, 2012
    01:05 PM

    Since I love every film in this list that I've seen, I'll surely be checking out those I haven't! THANKS!
  • By yourmrjones
    August 15, 2012
    04:32 PM

    Videodrome and Fear/Loathing are great suggestions- Thanks! Mainely- they are definitely worth checking out!
  • By Emma
    November 05, 2013
    03:17 PM

    Fantastic list! I especially LOVE Sweet Smell of Success and Sullivan's Travels. I would also recommend Peeping Tom. Aspiring young director murders women and captures their last moments on film!
    • By yourmrjones
      June 27, 2014
      11:56 AM

      Good catch! And, to further your description, great director makes the film and plays the evil father!