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by 5EasyPieces

Created 07/16/12

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Out of all of the Criterions I own or have watched, these are my top 10. I won't even try to account for all of the omissions, except to say that these are the films that first came to mind.

  • Ever since I first saw this film I've wanted both, to be these people and to make a film with them in it.

  • Call me crazy, but I think this is the best "Canadian" movie ever made. I first saw it on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) when I was in Middle School. It's a totally distinct world, blending the benzedrine-fulled world of the Beats with some weird Toronto-Tangiers backdrop. The atmosphere of this film is incredible as is the soundtrack: the Coleman-Shore collaboration is one of the most daring, yet most appropriate soundtracks ever, sounding as if it were being played by some session-tenor player in the apartment upstairs, bleeding through the walls as we lie strung out in the afternoon.

  • No film has ever looked this good. Shot with natural lighting (for the most part) in the middle of Alberta, by a cast and crew that grew increasingly distrustful of it's director. No film has ever given the exhausting and hopeless life of lower class laborers so much poetry.

  • There are no trenches and no military fatigues and yet this film expresses the basic forumla of war more clearly than any war movie I've seen: sacrifice everything, expect nothing.

  • This is just a perfect American movie. All of the mythology and religion that have become so cliched and exploited over the years are challenged and in the end - strangely validated.

  • I feel exactly like Jack Nicholson in this movie, minus the charm and talent.

  • Godard's most concise, controlled and eloquent film. I will follow the man through any rant or diversion or indulgence because I know it will change the way I look at things, and make me a better filmmaker.

  • I love Werner Herzog and most of what he does. But this movie made me reconsider what can be done with "traditional" documentary-making.

  • My friend had nightmares for weeks after watching this movie and reading the novel it was based on. It is the most sickly, pale-faced, grotesque portrayal of corporate excess and identity crisis. It's an absolute nightmare.

  • Rohmer spent months preparing and rehearsing his films. Every shot looks exactly as it should be. He is also a fantastic writer. This short film expresses more than most features.

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