Bryce D.K.B.'s Top 10 (but really 20)

by BryceDKB

Created 12/02/17

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The last time I updated my Criterion Top 10 was just a couple of months ago. I made it because I hadn't updated in over two years and I wanted to outline my new tastes quickly and casually. After devouring many films over the last couple of months, here is an updated list, with descriptions and my thoughts on them, that is likely to stay for many years to come.[list writing is still in progress] List as of 2018.

  • As a critic who loves reviewing TV series and particularly loves episodic and long-form storytelling, DEKALOG is undeniably my #1 choice for a film offered by the Criterion Collection. It made Kieślowski one of my favorite directors of all time and taught me to embrace experimental filmmaking and storytelling techniques. It is a 10-part event, or as I like to look at it, a feast so massive it has ten meals. Don't eat all ten meals at once. Consume it all one-by-one. Savor and embrace this masterpiece and let the nutrients you consume take time to nourish your film-soul.

  • I consider this Charles Laughton masterpiece to be a lost classic Hollywood gem. It was directed by an acting legend and is one of few films I can watch over and over. Sure, many filmmakers refer to this movie as an influence or inspiration, and even I heard of this picture in a college film course, but you never hear this film mentioned in the same breath as "Casablanca" or "Sunset Blvd." and that is undeniably CRIMINAL.

  • I acknowledge that I am cheating by including a trilogy as a whole movie, but all three of these films are essential to me as a whole rather than three individual films. This is one of the most realistic love stories ever to be portrayed on the screen. I love this couple and am hopeful for this couple. Seeing them grow over the course of several years is an unforgettable cinematic experience.

  • One of the most engrossing movies I have ever seen, and it made Catherine Deneuve one of my very favorite actresses. I think about the ending often since having seen it. I believe that the proof of this movie's power and effectiveness is undeniable in how you feel the eroticism radiate off of the screen without there being any on-screen sex present.

  • A special honorable mention on this Top 10 list is the charming Wes Anderson picture. My wife and I reconnected because of this movie and were engaged a couple of months later. This movie is an excellent film that will always be dear to my heart.

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