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Created 11/29/17

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For some reason my other list doesn't allow me to open it, so here's a set of my favourite Criterion Movies. One film per director.

  • Few directors are cooler than Jean-Luc Godard and Band of Outsiders is for me, his best. Stylish and well-made, this movie has two of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history - the Louvre run and the often-imitated but never bettered dance sequence.

  • Chaplin is the master of silent comedy and it shames me to say that this is the only movie I've seen by him that I own on Criterion. It was an absolutely fantastic experience for me watching this one and the ending is one of my all-time favourites. The film that started my love of silent movies.

  • Peter Lorre's performance is excellent in this darkly engrossing serial killer movie from the legendary Fritz Lang. That final faux courtroom scene is amazing and the movie holds up really well today.

  • A hangout movie that is endlessly rewatchable and Richard Linklater's finest. It's a who's who of actors before they were famous and has some great performances as well as a terrific soundtrack.

  • Although I prefer Rio Bravo, His Girl Friday is still an amazing movie by the great Howard Hawks. The performances are excellent, the dialogue is great, and the film plays out very well indeed. The chemistry between Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell is top notch, and the movie is probably the best screwball comedy out there. But there is a lot of competition.

  • "Gentlemen. You can't fight in here, this is a War Room!" Stanley Kubrick is one of my favourite directors ever and I love this movie. It feels more relevant with every rewatch - Peter Sellers is fantastic and this film is absolutely essential.

  • Perhaps Robin Williams' best performance? This was one of the most memorable rewatches I had with my flatmates in my third year at University - most of them weren't too keen on it but I loved every second of it. Robin Williams' performance is great and Terry Gilliam is on fire as usual.

  • Ingmar Bergman's best work? The man is a genius, so it's really hard to tell. But it's up there for sure, I just love this movie. It's haunting and incredibly compelling, and Max Von Sydow is as fantastic as ever.

  • Regrettably, the only Tarkovsky movie that I've seen so far and something I should be rectifying sooner rather than later. Regardless, I absolutely loved Stalker. It's smart, clever and the cinematography is absolutely jaw-dropping.

  • Del Toro's majestical fantasy masterpiece is his crowning accomplishment and his best film to date. I love the beauty of this movie, the set design, the character design, the acting, everything works together to produce a truly magical experience.

  • I love French New Wave cinema and along with Band of Outsiders, The 400 Blows played a huge part in igniting my interest in it. It's a fantastic movie that is really well directed for a debut, serving as a great coming of age story.

  • Akira Kurosawa is a legendary filmmaker and this procedural based off Ed McBain's King's Ransom, one of his many 87 Precinct novels, is his best work. It's incredibly tense and has a good class commentary on the era, playing out very well in a way that makes it an absolute must see for any crime fans.

  • The ultimate one location movie.

  • I was so lucky to see a rerelease of this movie in the cinema and I cannot wait to watch it again Criterion. A masterful film by David Lynch that is surreally brilliant, full of complex layers that really reward multiple viewings.

  • One of the all-time great war movies by Terrence Malick, The Thin Red Line is a long war movie but it's worth every second. It's Malick's best work and I loved how this film played out, really well directed from the master who immerses you in the movie from start to finish.

  • Incredibly tense, one of the tensest Criterion movies that I've ever seen. It deserved to be far more than a box office flop upon its release and I love that it found a new life as a cult classic. Robert Mitchum's performance is very chilling indeed.

  • If you're a fan of Drive you'll love Michael Mann's Thief. It's a great crime movie with a fantastic score from Tangerine Dream, really well directed and written in a way that will have you hooked from start to finish.

  • It's Fellini. What more needs to be said?

  • One of my favourite movies of the decade, I love folk music and I love the Coen brothers so there was no way I was not going to love this movie. Oscar Isaac was incredible here.

  • I had the opportunity to watch a lot of Fassbinder movies thanks to Mubi and one that really stood out for me was the fantastic Ali: Fear Eats the Soul by Rainer Werner Fassbinder. It's incredibly good, really powerful and an emotional slow burn.

  • So many colours! One of the best love stories of all time. I loved this musical and its influences on La La Land are very, very clear. Watch it if you haven't already.

  • One of my first Criterion movies that I bought when I got a Region A player. Ennio Morricone is my favourite composer and I love his work in this, as Elio Petri tells a spellbindingly good thriller about Gian Maria Volonte's Italian police inspector who decides to murder his mistress to see if he can get away with it.

  • Greta Gerwig is one of my favourite actresses in the game right now and she excels it here with Noah Baumbach. The scene with David Bowie's Modern Love is one of my favourite of all time, and this movie stands up there as one of the best of decade and, like with Inside Llewyn Davis, of the century so far.

  • Kechiche directs a powerful, raw and heartbreaking love story between two characters who are well played by Adèle Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, with both actresses displaying incredible chemistry. and talent. One of the most powerful coming of age movies in the collection.

  • A film that's worth watching for the event itself as is it is for the movie, Al Reinert's documentary on the moon landing is my favourite documentary ever and is just utterly mesmerising.

  • Wes Anderson's best movie, for me, a charming, quirky and incredibly compelling film that is just pure brilliance from start to finish.

  • Roy Scheider is great in this semi-autobiographical movie and fantastic character study from Bob Fosse that is just utterly compelling and needs to be seen.

  • Luis Bunuel is almost unmatched in his brilliant quality to create a fantastic sense of surrealism. Don't go watching this movie looking for answers because you won't get any.

  • Hitchcock is one of my favourite directors of all time. I just love, love this movie, it may be a bit overly patriotic for some people's tastes but considering I'm not American and it didn't bother me too much and it's something that shouldn't bother you when watching this movie.

  • Marcel Camus' film was done with mostly unknown actors and relocates the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek Myth to the Rio Carnival in Brazil. It shouldn't work as well as it does.

  • Kristen Stewart and Olivier Assayas work so well together. This modern ghost story is one of my favourite movies of 2017.

  • Underrated in the collection, this adaption of John Le Carre's brilliant spy novel is a masterwork in the Cold War genre.

  • One of the most effortlessly cool movies of all-time, this is a stylish Yakuza gangster movie that Suzuki really excels at.

  • I need to rewatch this movie again but I loved Jules Dassin's awesome heist film. The heist alone is spectacular, and then you have everything else that comes with it.

  • Peter Weir's haunting, wonderful work. Again, it leaves you without any answers but at the same time remains mysteriously compelling.

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