Moral Abyss

by Brandon

Created 11/26/17

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films that have no traditional hero story arc. the lines between right and wrong are blurry and perhaps non existent.

  • Tom Ripley , played by Dennis Hopper (who would have thought), a talented and charming conman lures a German art framer played by Bruno Ganz into a web of lies and murder in order to get even after a petty insult he receives from him at an auction event.

  • Robert mitchum plays an old retiring gunrunner for the Boston underworld , caught between competing forces of corruption trying to make his cut before going out and taking his old friends out with him.

  • Two young lovers turned fugitives make their way across the South Dakota/Montana open road landscape.

  • Jep, a snarky writer and socialite looking back on his life , surrounded by rampant partying and hedonism , grasping at straws to find some semblance of meaning amidst the great beauty of Italy .

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