Jeremy's Top Criterions

by Jeremy T.

Created 07/15/12

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A 13 year old's favorite Criterion films. This list is in no specific order.


  • By Celine-Julie
    July 23, 2012
    11:12 PM

    another 13 year old criterion lover. have seen 12 angry men 3 times and plan to see it many more times. Totally agree with your comments for 400 blows, contempt, black orpheus, modern times, royal tenenbaums, au revoir les enfants, rushmore,fish tank, in the mood for love, and le samurai, and will soon see the rest. since we seem to have the same taste I would love to know your opinion on my lists and other things
    • By Jeremy T.
      August 19, 2012
      10:02 AM

      I checked out your lists and I really like your choices. Especially La Jetée. Great film. I changed accounts and made a new list where i added many films If you want to look me up just go to