DeanOfDVD's Top 10 (and then some!) List

by DeanofDVD

Created 07/14/12

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Out of the roughly 100 Criterion Collection purchases I've made, these are my top selections. Boxed sets have a decided advantage, though I've also spent more for them.

I didn't want to limit to 10...LOL!

  • Cassavetes was a director like few others. He was able to get actors to give more, be more, and go outside of their comfort zone and achieve even better performances. His films were gritty, real, and yet were honest. Cassavetes acted in other people's movies simply to raise money to make his own films...inspiring!

  • While the Cassavetes set reaches the top spot with five films and a nice documentary on his life, this one reaches on the beauty and majesty of one film! An awesome transfer, great direction and casting, superb performances, a an epic story.

  • Peter Lorre gives his greatest performance ad in his native language (German). The film was Lang's first movie with dialog, and yet he uses silence and non-verbal (whistling) to great effect.

  • Such a beautiful, simple story of post-war poverty in Italy and one family's struggles and successes all tied to a bicycle...which gets stolen! The search for the bicycle is heartwarming, tragic, suspenseful, and dramatic. De Sica directs a beautifully moving story. This one might bring a tear to your eye.

  • I saw this as kid and loved it...time hasn't changed anything.

  • Five films from a unique era in American filmmaking.

  • Kurosawa strikes again!

  • Sad, touching, sad...

  • Fellini!

  • The cinematography in this has always blown me away.

  • Intense characters in one room.

  • Great courtroom drama.

  • Robert Mitchum gives a scary performance which is all too believable. What a shame Laughton never directed another film.

  • Film_8w_killer_w160

    9. (tie)
    The Killer

    John Woo

    Violence, blood, tons of guns...and a main chapter who is a hit man with a conscience...and a price.

  • Loved this for a long time, and it looks amazing on Blu-ray!


  • By Edward H.
    October 19, 2015
    12:21 PM

    BTW, the BBS Box Set has seven films, not five.
  • By Neil Burns
    November 04, 2017
    02:32 PM

    Great Top 10+ list and some very good choices.