10 Criterions in Dire Need of an Upgrade

by Biskosaurus

Created 07/14/12

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Every month Criterion announces its new Blu-Ray releases. Here are 10 films that ought to be high on Criterion's list of priorities for upgrading...

  • The current Criterion edition of this film is dated and downright shameful. The DVD fails to even be anamorphic/16:9 compatible. This is one of the greatest films ever made and deserves better treatment, and it is an introduction for my theory on how Criterion should be prioritizing its Blu-Ray release schedule: Every film in the collection with an original aspect ratio of greater than 1.37:1 that has not ever had an anamorphic release should be top priority for upgrading to Blu-Ray. End of story.

  • So far, the only Bunuel film to get a Criterion Blu-Ray is Belle de Jour. A fine film but far from Bunuel's masterworks. The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie is an acknowledged classic, a popular title, and certainly deserving of the deluxe Blu-Ray treatment.

  • One of the 10 finest pieces of cinema ever created. Certainly worthy of the royal treatment.

  • An older Criterion release which looks fine on DVD, but could be so much more on Blu. See also La Strada, Nights of Cabiria, etc.

  • This film is in competition for the greatest adaptation of a novel EVER. I just want to see how much better it could possibly look on Blu-Ray. (Actually, I'd like to see Criterion translating their DVD collectors' sets into Blu-Ray collectors' sets, and the Hiroshi Teshigahara set would be a good place to start. I was annoyed to see Cocteau's Orpheus released on Blu without either of the other films in the Orphic Trilogy DVD box.)

  • Every piece of film Sven Nykvist ever shot should be restored and made available on Blu-Ray. I mean it. Every single frame.

  • There is an irritating dearth of Cronenberg's oeuvre available on Blu. This is among his finest films. I'd love to see Criterion add to the high def canon.

  • Perhaps the most important film that most people know nothing about. It wants the deluxe treatment.

  • May actually be Godard's greatest film. Anna Karina is positively magnetic. The race through the Louvre is absolutely iconic. This film desperately wants the finest treatment possible.

  • Returning to Tarkovsky. What can I say? There is no director whose work is more visually stunning than Tarkovsky's. I repeat: There is no director whose work is more visually stunning than Tarkovsky's. Rublev should get a Blu, Ivan should get a Blu, and if Criterion can swing it, Mirror, Stalker, Nostalghia, and even the Steamroller and the Violin should all get deluxe Blu-Ray editions. The fact that Solaris and the Sacrifice are the only Tarkovsky films available on Blu is downright criminal.

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