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by AWB

Created 07/12/12

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It's hard to have seen them all. But out of the ones I have and have seen, I give you my top 10.

  • I couldn't believe my eyes when I was done with that movie. So gripping. I'm at a point where I rarely get drawn into a movie anymore. Seeing 12 Angry Men for the first time was a marvelous experience and a mind bender on judgement and decisions on things that we cannot confirm. I recommend it to everyone.

  • "Fish Tank", I was very intrigued about this movie and knew nothing about it when I watched it. Very gripping story. Jarvis throws in a great performance. She might not be that great of a dancer lol but she's gave a hell of a performance as a troubled teen.

  • Such a beautiful movie. The story is intriguing and somewhat predictable. But the performances are great and the landscape is heavenly. Amazing and gripping movie.

  • Wes Anderson has a unique directing style. I love the quirkiness of his films. This one got me laughing more than all the others. I must admit that "Moonrise Kingdom" was also very funny and could easily share the fourth spot with "Bottle Rocket" if and when it gets released on Criterion. I would be very surprised if "Moonrise" doesn't end up on my Criterion shelf.

  • Malkovich Malkovich!! So far this is 2012's best and my favorite release. For long I had been waiting for it to be on blu-ray only to read online that it was being released by Criterion. This movie never gets old. Very original and Charlie Kaufman-esque. I hope Criterion will go and acquire Spike Jonze's followup "Adaptation".

  • I grew up in the 80s and Mr. Bean had always been one of my original comedy icons. After seeing Playtime, I knew by certainty that this is a character that Mr. Bean was highly based upon. Delightful french movie with minimalistic dialogue. What is funny about this film is that when I put it in my blu-ray player I didn't know what to expect and believed for 10 minutes something was wrong with the audio track. Fooled me!!

  • This is a BIG movie. Big budget and big story. Big Hollywood productions rarely get the Criterion treatment. But this is an exception. David Fincher is a name that no one associates cheap story telling to. This is something for everyone to see. A marvelous picture! Can't wait for the release of "The Game" in September.

  • I always wanted to see "The Island of Dr. Moreau" with Val Kilmer and Brando. It looked so horrible that I never really got to it. After getting addicted to the Criterion collection, I read that this is an original Dr. Moreau film. Best impulse purchase ever. Sometimes you just can't go wrong.

  • Witty, funny and hard to predict. You never know if Grant is a good guy or a bad guy till the last scene of the movie.

  • Just watch it


  • By Andrew
    October 16, 2012
    11:50 PM

    I hope Criterion releases 'Moonrise Kingdom'.
    • By AWB
      October 26, 2012
      12:10 AM

      I am sure they will. Universal most likely wanted to cash in on their own and in a few months we will see a more in depth release.The current release is very bare bones.
  • By Abe
    November 06, 2012
    09:13 PM

    yea i cant wait for the proper release of Moonrise, which for me ties with Life Aquatic for my favorite Anderson, though i have not seen bottle rocket so ill check that out
  • By WillemDafoe
    August 15, 2014
    08:48 PM

    My guess is Criterion will release Moonrise Kingdom sometime in 2015, until then I guess were stuck with the current release.
  • By Aaron Bennett
    March 09, 2015
    04:58 AM

    It is 2015 where the F is it!