My 10 Favorite Criterion releases

by ShaneBurzum

Created 07/11/12

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Just my list of what I think are my favorite releases from the collection. This is based off content, quality, and how much joy the film itself brings me. Not all of them are favorite films per-se but they're definitely all must have titles.
Here they are!

  • One hell of a movie! My favorite film noir and one of the best scripts ever written. No other movie can top the dialogue written by Clifford Odets and we will probably never see another character as slimey as Sidney Falco.
    The features, packaging and quality of this release are also top notch.
    Get it if you dont have it yet!

  • Jean-Pierre Melvilles best film, and thats saying a lot! Great story with a lot of quiet but powerful moments and a really nice colour scheme to boot.
    Always find myself wanting to watch this whenever I see it on my shelf.

  • Pretty much flawless.One of the the greatest films ever made .Graham Greenes script, the gorgeous lighting of Vienna, the acting and Anton Karas' zither score-its all grade-A stuff.
    Made back in the day when films were made for grown ups.
    Add to the fact that the features and the transfer are also terrific and its no wonder why people are charging an arm and a leg for copies of it.

  • Probably my favorite Bergman film. I was kind of on the fence between this and The Seventh Seal but decided this was the better release just because of the extensive extras and how beautiful the film is over all (although the Seventh Seal is excellent too!). Well worth the price!

  • Takes a little while to get into it but this is a fantastic film. Love the cinematography by Vittorio Storaro (even though this release has caused a bit of controversey on that) and in my opinion this film has one of-if not the greatest scores ever put to film. And yet again Criterion has stacked it with loads of very informative extras.

  • One of my favorite films. I cant ever seem to get enough of the 400 Blows and criterion has treated this film very nicely.

  • Took me a few times to get into this one but when I did I REALLY got into it. This is one that requires multiple viewings as theres always a lot happening in the frame. It really does a fantastic job at capturing the chaos that Guido is experiencing both in real life and in the beautiful dream sequences scattered throughout. The extras also have a lot to teach you about the film and everything its trying to do. The audio commentary is especially useful.

  • A gritty political masterpiece that never fails to grab me. I especially like how even handed it is cause its so rare to see a film that can do that. This is also another one of those films where Criterion have loaded it with great extras, nice packaging and outstanding picture and sound quality.

  • Theres a few things about Down By Law that keep me coming back to it: the style, the cinematography, the characters and the music. It all just works so well and the disc is filled with great extras to keep you busy.

  • Another film that I would argue is flawless. Love the cinematography and the way the tension is built up is spectacular. By the final moments of the film I was pretty much out of breath. This would be much higher on the list if Criterion had put more supplements on it but Im still more than happy to have this in my collection.

  • I think theres one scene in this film that sums everything about it up: one of the young facist soldiers enters a room and spits a huge gob into a womans eye. Thats how I would describe this film anyways. Obviously this is not for everyone as its definitely one of the most disturbing films ever made, but its also very well made at the same time. Throughout the whole film I was captivated by the terrific costumes, cinematography and set designs.It also has one of Ennio Morricone's most underrated scores.
    The extras are also very interesting and it comes with a good book of essays on the film from various different directors and critics.
    If you can stomach this film I highly reccomend picking this up.

  • To me this is one of the most enjoyable movies in the collection with a lot of replay value. Doesn't have a ton of extras on it but it does have great picture and audio quality, and the extras that it does have are very good. It even comes with one of Brian De Palmas first films.

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