Jonas Van Dutch's Top Ten

by Jonas_Van_Dutch

Created 07/10/12

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  • Simply the most sublime film ever made. Period.

  • This sees the stakes Murnau's Sunrise lay down and raises them. Still the greatest and most honest film about two people in love.

  • Lots of people like to throw around words like 'existential' when describing this film. I would argue that words like that do this film no justice trying to squeeze what is essentially indescribable into a tidy little box.

  • Love the fact that Huston's original intent to subvert O'Connor's story was completely flipped on it's head.

  • All aspiring actors should be made to study Ozu's silents to as a preliminary course on acting.

  • Michel Simon and Erich von Stroheim had a boxing match to see if this or Grand Illusion would make it at this spot. Against all odds, Michel won.

  • A devastatingly beautiful contemplation on the destructive nature of desire and ambition

  • Tarkovsky uses the lens to paint his distinctly Russian religious metaphysics in the same way Andre Rublev painted icons. In this case (and in Stalker), science fiction allows him to stretch the boundries that confine the discussion in traditonal stories

  • A biting self-critique of prejudice in Japanese culture staged as an episode of the Monkees

  • No one has an eye for the fragility of civilization like Jacques Tati.

  • Bonus Film - What can I say...? Richard Conte's journey starts in Fresno.


  • By Michael Brakemeyer
    July 19, 2012
    04:07 PM

    Absolutely agree with "Playtime" and Tati's wonderful set-ups in glorious widescreen.
  • By Kurt
    October 03, 2012
    09:01 AM

    Nice list. Solaris and Woman in the Dunes are on my as well.