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Wayward women of the world, leading men astray one frame at a time. If a woman you know reminds you of one of the characters below, give a shout-out in the comments!


  • By Rasa
    August 02, 2012
    09:58 PM

    pretty good list! cherchez la femme :)
  • By Rasa
    August 03, 2012
    06:21 PM

    btw, Carlos Saura's Carmen would fit well in your list.
    • By Collection
      August 10, 2012
      05:32 PM

      Thanks for the recommendation, I adore the Flamenco Trilogy!
  • By FG
    August 22, 2012
    03:22 AM

    Your evaluations about films are synoptic and catchy.I liked it.
  • By HUSKY
    October 01, 2012
    10:06 AM

    this is just about a list of my favorite films. my favorite subject in film for sure.
    • By Collection
      September 05, 2013
      08:45 PM

      I'm glad that my list floats your fancy, too. Fair play to you.
  • By oz-rob
    November 12, 2012
    06:52 PM

    Keep away from those dunes !.....Woman in the Dunes. Beware of her, the ex lover,....Les Dames de Bois Boulogne
    • By Collection
      September 05, 2013
      08:52 PM

      Les dames du Bois de Boulogne was added above and even includes the quote that you provided! Your input is most welcome and genuinely appreciated.
  • By Brown
    November 26, 2013
    12:54 PM

    "For a woman, it's ten thousand acres of lonesomeness." Mae Horgan from Jubal. Certainly a film worth screening, for the old west never looked so attractive.
    • By Collection
      November 26, 2013
      01:34 PM

      Thanks for the intriguing quote and I must get around to it soon. After screening 3:10 to Yuma, I can say that I look forward to seeing what Delmer Daves did with western landscapes a year earlier in Technicolor.
  • By Jake W.
    December 08, 2015
    10:38 PM

    I haven't seen most of these, and I want several yet there's something inanely fascinating about this list.