Jason Trevino's Summer Picks

by JasonTrevino

Created 07/08/12

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Some films are an essential view during the summer. Especially when you want to beat the 100+ degree heat while keeping the spirit of summer alive.

  • I absolutely love Jacques Tati! I think my favorite "vacation" movie of all time! I can never see a tennis racquet without thinking of Monsieur Hulot's signature move! A must see!

  • It wouldn't be summer without a road trip. A great film where the vehicles are just as important characters as the drivers. Plus anything with Warren Oates gets my vote!

  • Not really in the spirit of summer, Jean Luc Godard's Contempt must be included for its rich visuals and stunning cinematography, especially on the isle of Capri. With its rich colors, a heart-wrenching score, and a heart throbbingly melancholy Brigitte Bardot, this film draws you in within a few frames and never lets you go.

  • Nothing's hotter than Jamaica in the summer, except maybe this film and it's soundtrack. An amazing celebration of ghetto crime and an amazing introduction to non-Bob Marley reggae! Regardless of the time of year, it always feels like summer within the first few bars of Pressure Drop by Toots and the Maytals!

  • Another Jean Luc Godard summer flick! This time the tragedy is laced with fun and playfulness. If given the chance who wouldn't give up the rat race to frolic with Anna Karina on the beach. Of course, not without its consequences.

  • Having your lover kidnapped while you're on vacation = bummer. Having to relive her suffering to gain peace of mind = bigger bummer. A great suspense film. If you've seen the hollywood remake with Jeff Bridges and Kiefer Sutherland, please don't let that dissuade you from viewing this superior version. You'll never let your girlfriend go into a convenience store without you again!

  • Robbing a bookstore? Going on the lam? Meeting a beautiful Central American housekeeper? Lunching with Mr. Henry and his crew? If you think you're having an eventful summer, think again! This road movie is one of the best summer's you'll ever have. Even if you have to put up with Bob's brother Futureman. After all, he paid for the gun.

  • School's Out for Summer!!! If only everyday of summer could be as sweet as the first day, or rather, the first night! You have to give Linklater props for outdoing American Graffiti. Cars, girls, booze, drugs, rock and roll. A perfect summer movie if there ever was one. "I keep getting older, they stay the same age." Indeed.

  • Another great Brigitte Bardot film. Much more playful and stereotypical sexpot than her Contempt role, Bardot drives the entire beach town of St Tropez crazy with her playful sexuality. Nothing much to the film other than that but that's enough to carry it.

  • You can't have a summer film list without a drive-in movie. The Blob seems like it's the ultimate. Perfectly campy and cheesy, it makes you laugh and hold your date tight during the scary parts, if just for nostalgia's sake. Steve McQueen is expectedly gallant!