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by littlexsparkee

Created 07/08/12

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These lists change according to current mood, of course, but there are certain films that have resonated with me over my 100-150 films seen from the CC label.

Some of these I just have impressions from and can't remember enough for an explanation

  • I'm fascinated with the concept of memory so this film struck me, especially with each successive viewing. The use of black and white is haunting (b&w films make up 60% of this list)

  • Tied with L'avventura, though it's been too long since I've seen it. Looking at this list, there're a couple common themes in my favorites : loss, disconnect with society, nostalgia, dark moods (these films don't depress me however)

  • I hated this one on my first watching. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention, because the charming and childish Guido and dreamlike fluidity are irresistible. Movies like this have an ambient quality; once you know the plot, you can zone out and just think about their emotional impact, get lost in them.

  • The way this movie comes together at the end and your realize what's been going on all along...wow! I guess I'm just a sucker for classic morality tales (Ikiru / High and Low, though I didn't have space for them here, partially because they're so draining that I can't rewatch them)

  • Music Room and Still Walking are really poignant tales of loss and while Music Room drags at times, I'm thankful I got through it. The sitar music is brilliant

  • White is my favorite, followed by Red, then Blue. I loved White for the way I took to Karol, I've felt the same way at times.

  • I'm not sure whether I like this one more or Le Samourai (I should also mention L'armee des Ombres), but they're both excellent examples of the gangster flick. They're stylish without being fake or modish and the Parisian scenery is stunning.

  • I feel like there's something distinct about Japanese films that interests me; they're very plot driven (they don't "wander") and rarely resort to moralizing

  • I was sweating through this entire flick and I felt like I knew each character personally, a masterful suspense

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