Films I grew up with

by Garage_Alien

Created 07/07/12

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These were Films that my parents decided to show me as I grew up. I do believe that they have influenced the person I am today, and have strengthen my love of Film.

  • I still remember going to the small ma and pa video store by my dads work one Friday night, it was our choice to rent a movie. My Dad said to me that, this Film is one that I would always remember watching. That night with a big bowl of popcorn, we watched this epic movie and it forever changed how I watched Films.

  • This Film really had a deep impact on me, raised in a really awkward type of house hold watching another family deal with just as strange problems as I did kinda made me sigh with relief. To this day the scene in the bathroom with Luke Wilson, will forever have the effect on my life.

  • I lived and breathed Star Wars as a child, and when I found out that it was losely based off of an Akira Kurosawa Film I just had to see it. Again like my first time watching Seven Samurai, Kurosawa took me on an adventure through Japan to protect the Princese! I could write for hours about my love for this Film.

  • Growing up I loved Monty Python, and one year when I was 9 my parents decided to sit my brother and me down to watch Brazil. Wow, I was taken into a world that made me sit back and let my mind go for one wild adventure.

  • Nothing said summer vacation growing up then my yearly Godzilla Marathon, which to this day I can still hear his iconic roar as his theme song plays in the background. Growing up Godzilla was my hero and my villian, these Films made me laugh, cry, and grow up!

  • The first time I saw this Film was late at night on Bravo, I remember sneeking downstairs to my basement and putting the channel on because usual they played the older cult rated-R movies. I then witnessed the hilarious and delightful M. Hulot's Holiday, and spent the night laughing! This is a great Film to just be entertained with, you never know what kind of shenanigans he will get into next.

  • This I remember watching Sunday morning on TVO, again one my parents said "I watched this as a child, you have to watch it!" I enjoyed every minute of this Film. What child wouldn't enjoy a magic adventure?

  • When I hit around 14 and just started High School, my brother was just finishing up and we went to the local video store and stumbled across this Film. We then sat in our basement watching it and both found ourselves relating to the characters we saw. I the new Freshman and him the Senior, this Film helped me through High School letting me relax every summer at the schools end!

  • I love Kevin Smith Films, and still remember the time I first saw Chasing Amy. At the time I didn't know much about lesbians or sexual stuff as much detail this movie gave, and I later relizied that this Film gave most of my bad language that I use in life.

  • This was at the end of my childhood, I was 18 just finishing High School and about to go into College for Film Studies. I then saw this Film at the theater, upon leaving my girlfriend and mother both asked "So what does mister film critic have to say?" and I was speechless. This Film had everything in it that I enjoyed and loved about the whole Film Industry, and seeing this, I will forever have a different opinion on a Film until I see it fully.

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