10 Films - Part 4

by MarkoAndric76

Created 10/03/17

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  • CONTEMPT - enough said. Great shots of Greco-roman sculptures, self-referential commentary on the film industry, one of the most haunting themes in cinema (stolen by Scorsese for one of my favorite gangster films too), the greatest portrayal of broken marriage ever seen (alongside JOURNEY TO ITALY) and its got Fritz Lang in it. What more can you ask for?

  • I first saw this at the School of Art Institute Theater in Chicago and was blown away by Varda's alternative take on the French New Wave aside from usual masters like Godard or Truffaut. I love how she mixed color and black and white, and how she documented the city of Paris through the eyes of one woman living what may be one of her last days as she awaits the results of a medical test. And who can forget that hilarious silent short film with Godard and Anna Karina! All the while colored by contemporary French pop which is something I don't think even Godard touched on as much. One of the more unsung masterpieces of the French New Wave.

  • Poetic Realism at its finest. Carne's 19th century epic may turn some people off the way Gone With the Wind did but sitting through this 2 and a half + hour fest is an experience like no other. Arletty shines as the enigmatic and ever smiling Garance and her central role in the lives of four historical figures.

  • David Lean knew Dickens best and no adaptation of Dickens ever came close to his film versions of Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.

  • Teenage rebellion was never caught on screen so well as when Lindsay Anderson depicted it in this wonderful film starring Malcolm McDowell. You can see how his portrayal as Mike Travers influenced Alex DeLarge later on, especially with that creepy smile.

  • Color in pre-1955 films always interests me but seeing it in this 1940's British classic is something else entirely.