Top 15 Favorite Criterion Films

by Armandorcls612

Created 09/27/17

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There are so many releases I've yet to see (and many films I love that still need to get the Criterion treatment) but this is a compilation of the best I've seen so far. I know these are all safe, well-known picks, I will do another list with lesser-known titles soon.

  • The first time I saw this film I understood what it means to create a perfect film, and this is it, I can't believe this is Lumet's first feature film, it's amazingly directed, written, acted and edited, it grabs your complete attention for 90 minutes, and it shows the power of suggestion and preconceived ideas. A masterpiece.

  • From the very first time I saw this film, I was completely blown away by it, it's constantly praised mainly because of its editing, and rightfully so, but there's just so much to like about it: the eerie atmosphere, the performances, the sound, the mystery, the locations, the outstanding direction and the fantastic ending. Out of all the films I've seen by this director, this is by far the best one. I recommend this to every single person I meet, and the restoration for the Blu-ray is simply perfect.

  • I'm really glad to see this is back and now on Blu-ray glory, the only one of Alfred Hitchcock's films to win the Oscar for Best Picture, a complete Gothic masterpiece, it draws you inside of Manderley and it has a perfect blend of suspense, romance and yes, as Hitchcock always did, comedy as well. Truly remarkable, and of course, Judith Anderson steals the screen.

  • Still my favorite French film of all time and the first Melville film I ever saw, I own the DVD but I will be getting the new Blu-ray edition, there's just no way to describe how perfectly constructed this film is, how Delon's performance carries this amazing story and how powerful the ending is. The best crime-related film I've seen.

  • This is the film that turned me into a Robert Altman fan, what a fantastic film it is. It's very quiet, but Duvall and Spacek really give amazing performances and the whole psychological story works on every level, I really like the cinematography, the pacing, everything. Highly recommended, there aren't that many extras in the Blu-ray, but it's still worth owning it because it presents the film in all its glory.

  • I almost lost it when I saw this was coming to Criterion, this film is simply outstanding, I don't know if it's the writing, Cukor's direction or the fact that it features three out of my four favorite old Hollywood actors, but this is a film I've seen countless times, and it never fails to entertain and it's not only just a fun film but a wonderfully crafted one, a timeless comedy.

  • There's really no question why this film was the first to win the Big 5 Oscars, it has perfect writing, comedic timing, two outstanding leading performances, it simply has everything one could ask for in a film. Every time I watch it I find more funny moments, more amazing directorial choices and I appreciate it more and more.

  • What can I say about this masterpiece that hasn't been said yet?, the way Chaplin mixes hard drama with light comedy is something that nobody else has ever been able to do as well. This is one to watch over and over again.

  • I can't decide whether I prefer this or City Lights, because they're very different films, but they're both complex, perfect works of art. I really like the strength of Chaplin's social comment in this one.

  • Lubitsch was a genius and this is his best film, the comedy here and the social comment are completely on point, I've seen this countless times and it doesn't get old. Carole Lombard's fantastic last performance certainly doesn't go unnoticed.

  • After seeing Le samouraï I had to follow up on Melville's filmography and this is probably his second best, a thrilling film.

  • This is a slow burner that is truly remarkable and Ventura's performance is one of my favorites of all time.

  • Bergman's true masterpiece, the lightning, the silence, the performances, the surreal aspect of this. Perfect.

  • The first film I saw by one of my favorite directors Fritz Lang, the use of silence is brilliant, Lorre's performance is different from everything else I've seen, this one really lingers in your mind long after the first watch.

  • How can you go wrong with Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn and Walter Matthau? This Hitchcockian comedy/thriller is a true masterpiece, truly one of the best.

  • One of Altman's best, the first time I saw I was afraid about the running time but it simply flies by. All the stories are interesting, the acting is fantastic, the music is amazing, definitely epic.

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