Top 10 Criterion Collection

by Jean G.

Created 07/06/12

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  • Everything that matters about life and cinema in a huge movie (and television) picture. This one made me the person I am.

  • Because we all share the same hopes and nightmares. The river boat scene is the most fascinating thing I've ever seen on a screen.

  • Ozu's movies touch me in an deep and unique way. Simplicity as its best and a genuine love of people (wich means a bittersweet acceptation of who they are rather than fake kindness and optimism). Ozu really saw something about human condition.

  • This is real political cinema... Not only about a specifical historical situation (the Risorgimento) but about the way things always turn. "Everything has to change to remain the same."

  • Best medicine against cynism, snobbish habits and melancholy. You won't stop laughing until you'll begin to sincerely cry.

  • Cronenberg has a tremendous way to stay true to the (obsessional) filmmaker -and person- he is melt with a never lost taste for experimentation, exploration of new territories. Naked Lunch was the burroughsian discovery only him could have made. (I could have chosen every movie of this director, I'm just infatuated with them.)

  • Saw it only once, forgot almost everything about what happened in it... Always kept something of it inside of me - but still don't know what.

  • Rohmer movies all look the same from a distant point of view but are so different closely looked... like a never-ending commentary about what happened in his personnal and intellectual life. I share with him the idea that you have to start from a specific and well-know territory to reach universality and unknown cinematic space - and that you sometimes have to use a delicate voice to be able to say truly indelicate things.
    These too sensible and intelligent characters trying to protect themselves from the chaos of ordinary life with their wit, humour and maniac rituals... I just love them.

  • This movie is so cruel and mean that it turns out to be incredibly charming and enchanting! Bunuel was indeed a destroyer - but like Wittgenstein said, one can only destroy something that has no importance. And it's so funny, but so terrible, but still so funny - this is real delightful obscenity.

  • What can imagination against what keeps us prisoners in our own lives... against the sadness of childhood, against fascism, against failure (and fear of failure)? A dark, secret but humanistic masterpiece. Never saw a better scene of family dinner - such an accurate point of view on family life!

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