by Aldy Kusumah

Created 07/06/12

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Midnight cinema supposed to be a fun and exciting escapades. Films with violent nature, sexual passions and even murderous and heinous crimes. These are 20 of my favorite Criterion library Midnight Cinema varied from horror to nikkatsu noir.

  • Seijun Suzuki's at his best. A tale of a tough guy yakuza from this eccentric director. It blends street fighting, crime story, lusts and absurd humor.

  • A more surreal approach than Youth of the Beast. This too is about a yakuza hitman that is hunted by other hitmen. Very exciting romp-stomp!

  • Many considered De Palma to be a Hitchcock hack. But to me he is just Hitchcock #1 fan. In Blow Out, he's tellling a story about a horror movie sound producer that's involved in a murder conspiracy involving a senator sex scandal. A rare gem!

  • This is the best film Hitchcock never made. Period.

  • A road movie about illegal street racing and bizzare love-triangle affair.

  • This is as midnight a cinema can be! An erotica (or pinku) movie about a hooker and his male lover. Featuring real sex scenes by real actors. Too bad Criterion didn't release School of the Holy Beast.

  • Spike Lee's best film to date, about racial prejudice and social climate. Great dialogues, and features the perfect soundtrack: Public Enemy's "Fight the Power".

  • A french noir about community hatred for the law. Shooted in crisps black and white, this epic film is about young parisians living in the projects seeking closure after their friend is killed by cops.

  • This one is an essential viewing for film noir enthusiasts. Part film noir crime story about a serial child killer and part courtroom drama in the end.

  • Whit Stillman homage to the death of '80s disco scene is cleverly produced in this great drama. featuring Kate Beckinsale and Chloe Sevigny in their prime. An enjoyable movie with '80s disco soundtracks.

  • The best action flick John Woo's ever directed. Featuring Chow Yun Fat in his prime. This is my favorite after another John Woo's flick: The Killer. Criterion should release more Johnnie To's films though..

  • A very weird tour de force into the violent digital culture. One of Cronenberg's classics, and plus, Debbie Harry is naked here.

  • Cronenberg adaptation of William Burrough's 'Naked Lunch'. Visual eye-candy.

  • The one and only film ever directed by Charles Laughton. A noir-horror about a serial killer who want to murder a family. Robert Mitchum is very scary here.

  • If you're into conversation-movies, then Jim Jarmusch is your main man. All of the movie takes place in a taxi cab in the night. Featuring different taxi cab's drivers and different passangers. Discussions about life, music and love in this witty film.

  • A great Japanase classic horror folklore.

  • Nuff said about this one. Essential viewing.

  • A taciturn hitman doing his last job. Very stylishly directed film noir.

  • A great heist movie directed by heist movie aficionado, David Mamet. Witty dialogue, and showing great acting skills by Joe Mantegna. Clever plot and a bit noir-ish.

  • Another David Mamet's police procedural film noir. Also starring Joe Mantegna in one of his best roles.


  • By Zach S
    November 02, 2012
    09:51 PM

    How about House?
    • By Aldy Kusumah
      December 27, 2012
      10:26 AM

      Hausu the japanese horror? I'm more fond of Jigoku than House :)