Hated and Now Love

by AdamToby

Created 07/05/12

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A list of movies I initially hated but now really love. And if Werckmeister Harmonies and Dancer in the Dark were in the Criterion Collection they'd be on the list.

  • "These snooty assholes think they are soooo funny!" - 2002. //
    "THIS IS HILARIOUS!" - 2007-present

  • "This movie is not fair!" - 2003. //
    "Shocking! and challenging!" - 2009-present

  • "I wish my German film professor would stop leering at us during the weird incest scene, the weird death-by-eating-eels scene, and the weird sex scene between a three year old and a twelve year old...I want to die." - 2005. //
    "In the privacy of my own home, this isn't half bad! And the shocking scenes all seem to have purpose!" - late 2005-present

  • "This is so flat. Nothing is happening." - 2005. //
    "I'm emotionally devastated. Leaving the theatre, I can't make eye contact with anyone." - 2011-present

  • "......... [bored silence]" - 2003. //
    "......... [stunned silence]" - 2010-present

  • "Trying a little too hard!" - 2004. //
    "Alright... maybe." - 2007. //
    "So powerful! Gorgeous, sublime imagery. Transcendent!" - 2010-present

    "The line, 'the terrible thing about this world is that everyone has his reasons' is one of my favorite lines in movies or literature." - 2008-present

  • "You've got to be kidding me." - 2002. //
    "Oh, I get it...." - 2012

  • "This looks and sounds like shit. Maybe the DVD is bad." - 2003. //
    "What a fucking force of nature this movie that just kicked my ass is. Suffering through that scene with Seymour Cassel and the women just made me a better person." - 2006-present

  • "Wasn't that kind of a schlocky piece of crap?" - 2004. //


  • By Grethiwha
    July 14, 2012
    02:49 AM

    Ha, neat list idea! Maybe I'll come around in a few years on some of the classics that left me cold... Such as Rules of the Game. Although it'd be awfully strange if I found myself loving Dancer in the Dark. I REALLY hate that movie. :p
    • By AdamToby
      October 13, 2012
      07:36 PM

      Aww, do you hate how manipulative it is? Bjork was kind of right when she called it 'emotional pornography.' And thank you for the compliment
  • By Kuya_Rick
    August 13, 2012
    10:32 AM

    This is by far my favorite top ten list I have seen since joining this site.
    • By AdamToby
      October 13, 2012
      07:35 PM

      Wow, that's nice to hear. Thank you!
  • By Aleksi
    October 02, 2012
    09:55 PM

    It's great to meet someone who gives things they don't like a second chance. I appreciate your honest self-revelation. Great list!
    • By AdamToby
      October 13, 2012
      07:33 PM

      Thanks very much!
  • By ggfanjase
    October 18, 2012
    04:38 AM

    LOL this is such a good list. Thanks for the honesty. I'm at your starting stage with The Double Life of Véronique currently. Gorgeous visuals but eh.
    • By AdamToby
      October 21, 2012
      07:28 PM

      Thanks! Do you like Kieslowski's other stuff? I really like the Decalogue and Blind Chance best. I can't exactly articulate why I came around to The Double Life of Veronique. On giving it probably the third try I could identify, or maybe just empathize, with the emotional life of both characters and suddenly my qualms with the movie (that it seemed to trail off into obscurity, for one) became irrelevant. Still not my favorite, but now I'm pretty fond of it.
  • By MattSheardown
    October 20, 2012
    11:13 AM

    Interesting concept for a list. It's very interesting to see what films a person can despise and how they manage to come around on it. I still have not come around on Fat Girl. It reminded me a lot of a Canadian film from the 70's called "Wedding In White", which is a fairly manipulative narrative as well that blends misery, adolescent sexuality, and depressive home life, and it ends on a devastating note. I can understand the route the filmmakers are going, but I still can't consider it worthwhile.
    • By AdamToby
      October 21, 2012
      07:29 PM

      Haha, 'Wedding in White' sounds right up my alley, actually. Thanks!
  • By Manish M.
    October 22, 2012
    04:59 PM

    you've inspired me to compile a similar list
    • By AdamToby
      October 24, 2012
      12:21 AM

      Cooool, can't wait to read it!
  • By Reeniop5
    October 29, 2012
    01:02 PM

    Great Concept and List! Everyone and in this case, every disc deserves a second chance!
  • By Celine-Julie
    November 13, 2012
    08:00 PM

    though i have loved each film in this list (except shock corridor which i unfortunately haven't seen yet) since the first viewing and have revisited most, i appreciate someone who studies something though they didn't get it the first time. however, the seven in the tin drum you are referring to takes place between two 16 year olds. i recently rewatched it at film forum with the director in person
    • By AdamToby
      November 22, 2012
      06:07 PM

      Oooo I wanted to go to that screening but had to miss it! Are they supposed to be 16 in the film? Technically isn't he "3" ? Eh, regardless, I was more trying to be humorous than factual.
  • By Drew G. Dellinger
    November 17, 2012
    02:25 AM

    Pretty cool list. I watched The Night of the Hunter for the first time the other day. That's another one that had to wait to get any love. If you haven't already seen it, I would recommend it.
    • By AdamToby
      November 22, 2012
      06:08 PM

      Ooooh I haven't come around to that one yet! I need to rewatch it, since i was probably 17 when I saw it. I'm sure it's great. Robert Mitchum is amazing
  • By Russell Fry
    November 25, 2012
    03:17 PM

    Neat list. Makes me think about the ones that took a couple viewing to get into... I honestly hated Seven Samurai the first time I watched it, I though it was too long and boring. I didn't give any Kurosawa a chance after that. Fortunately my uncle gave me Rashamon and Yojimbo to watch and they totally kicked my ass. Eventually I made my way back to Seven Samurai and of course loved it. All the Cronenberg films were the same way. Too fucking weird at first but now I couldn't live without Videodrome... Now that you've got me thinking I may have to make my own list... Cheers!
  • By Moviefan777
    December 25, 2012
    10:37 PM

    I love this list. You just have to give a film a second chance before you pounce on it. (Unless it's one of the worst movies ever like Catwoman, Manos or Garbage Pail Kids. Luckily, I've avoided those.) I hated Into The Woods and It's A Wonderful Life when I first saw those but now they're my favorites. Sadly, they're not in Criterion. :(
  • By EricFlaris
    February 20, 2013
    12:26 AM

    Awesome idea for a list...well done. Much like music, sometimes a film doesn't hit you right away. Some of my favorite films took 3-4 viewings before it hit me. They often fall into that category of a "grower, not a shower". Again, bravo on the list!
  • By Sam Rasnake
    March 02, 2013
    08:08 PM

    Great list. Absolutely understand the Bresson and Antonioni.
  • By Scooter
    January 05, 2014
    01:52 AM

    Great list! I admit I've also done this with film and music, where upon initial viewing/hearing I think it's garbage and don't understand how people like these works and eventually come to love them. This makes me seriously consider revisiting some of the criterion titles I disliked, such as Wages of Fear, Tiny Furniture, and L'Avventura.
  • By InPressMe
    October 13, 2016
    11:35 AM

    I'd be patiently waiting to fall in love with: "the 7th seal" and "8 1/2"... thanks!
  • By Jake W.
    March 29, 2017
    02:17 PM

    Back in February, I decided to watch I am Curious Yellow even though I had a headache. here's what I though: "This is boring, too youthish and counterculturish, too political, and it's trying to throw imagery at me with no energy." and for the first time ever I stopped watching a criterion even though there was only twenty minutes left. So the next day with the last twenty minutes and no headache "this is kind of fun." also going to check out the blue version tonight.
  • By Beamish
    July 11, 2017
    07:31 AM

    I think it's a fascinating aspect of art appreciation. The context of the interaction matters so much. Why did I love a certain song when I heard it last October but not really so much now? Or that painting. It bored me when I saw it ten years ago but now I can't get it out of my head. A difference with film is the duration of the interaction. I can listen to a song dozens of times a year, have different experiences with it each time, and not notice the variety of responses so much as with a film. Watching a movie is an investment of much-cherished time so it is likely to be years between experiences. If I've just fallen in love or had a wonderful meal or walked to the film under starry skies, I will experience Ikiru differently than if I've had a hard day at work or I have a vague worry about paying off my car loan. The films don't change when we watch them again. We do. It's not just the film (or any work of art) that is an active agent in the interaction - the viewer shapes the experience equally. I enjoyed Mr. Toby's list. Thank you. My "hate to love" list would include Children of Paradise, Joan of Arc, The Royal Tenenbaums, Blow Out and Vertigo. Of course, there is the opposite reaction as well. I have loved many films upon first viewing that left me cold when I saw them again. Fortunately, that is not so common.