by MatthewDWilder

Created 07/05/12

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Some are just the best movies. Some are super-groovy discs. If you do not know these--go, go, go find them now!

  • My favorite movie of all time. It's about the world I grew up in--white-trash America in the seventies, subset: a cosmos run by girls who kind of don't know what they're doing (i.e., my family). Altman does something no one, in any art form, has quite managed to do in the same way: combine Raymond Carver scuzzbucket naturalism with Symbolist drama that soars to the moon and beyond. A movie I hundred-percent guarantee will change your life.

  • Mailer was a giant of twentieth-century letters. His machismo and grandiloquence and his border skirmishes with the female race somehow discredited and disqualified him in his day but they only make him dearer to me. His films are an attempt to translate his nervy gift for improvisation, his Sun King first person voice, his talent for being in the right place at certain moments in history, into a new film form. Does it kinda not work? Who cares? These movies are riveting.

  • RDS shows you how movies had ought to be made: unpretentiously, improvisatorily, wittily, cuttingly, a combination of very advanced form and things pulled out of your ass. I could watch Downey pictures forever and ever and never be dissatisfied.

  • Wrenching. Melodramatic. Sometimes cheap. They usually slap you all over the room. People who are so over Ingmar are bunk.

  • Antonioni does Skinemax. Heaven, I'm in Heaven.

  • Maybe Steve's best movie. Balls out. All originality all the time. And FUN!

  • I love this movie. The funny parts are funny as shit and the tearjerking stuff really makes you cry. When Bay has a good script he gets the job done and then some.

  • Makavejev is it to me. IT. He's the guy I wish I was.

  • Marco Ferreri is the other guy I wish I was.

  • A movie that needs no justification other than that it is pure, pure joy. It is a martini posing as a movie.


  • By MatthewDWilder
    July 06, 2012
    11:59 AM

    Daniel, you will dig 'em.
  • By DavidDR
    August 28, 2012
    09:10 PM

    Not so sure about your list, but I enjoyed reading your takes -- even the short ones. I've been thinking about "Schizopolis" for awhile now -- but read/heard mixed things about it. Thanks for posting/sharing.