Alex Goldstein's Top 10

by Alex G.

Created 07/05/12

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I go on this website and see the top ten lists. I fantasize about making one. Fantasy fulfilled.

  • A warm place in the snow.

  • Filth and depravity offer a light through the bizzarre humor of mankind.

  • I tried to watch this three times, and couldn't make it past the opening scene. On Try #4, something clicked. The bleakness and negativity the world can offer is sometimes... sort of fun.

  • An abstraction of reality that offers much more truth about "business" than nearly anything I can think of.

  • With all the lo-fi/VHS fetishisms out there, you'd think this would be a hit with the kids nowadays. Maybe it is. "Long live the new flesh!" Someone wrote that on a bench near my house when I was in high school. Synchronicity.

  • Russell/Garfunkel/Keitel. The editing! ROEG. Usage of the most overplayed track in the history of classical music... that still manages to raise goosebumps...

  • Da wirgins! Da wirgins! Shlock or an amazing study of the effects of communism on Europe in the 20th century? Why can't we have both?

  • Style and Substance balanced/beautiful. Slow-mo///chopped/frames... guns/sex/mcdonald's. very, very good.

  • It feels like Godard made a full length narrative, then edited all of the major plot points out. You can keep your conventions and your Joseph Campbell-isms. I like this.

  • The first hour is one of the greatest pieces of cinema. The last 40 minutes are disgusting, weird, and downright distasteful. Is this the perfect balance?! Who knows... it's an experience. One we all should take.


  • By Drew Phillips
    July 07, 2012
    04:21 PM

    Great list! A tremendous salute to depravity!
  • By Daniel Dolgin
    October 23, 2012
    06:18 PM

    odd list, and mainly disturbing films, but good ones