Grant Douglas Bromley's Criterion Top 20

by Grant Douglas Bromley

Created 07/05/12

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Writer and co-director of the feature film "Dreams of The Wayward".

Filmmaker since the age of ten, cinephile since birth.

  • Lars von Trier is known for being a true "women's director", and "Antichrist" exemplifies von Trier's dedication to the plight of women.

    Additionally, the director's commentary is extremely insightful, and the bonus materials give a very unique look into the post production side of this spectacle.

  • Like Shakespeare in its milieu, and just as literary, "The Seventh Seal" is a true masterpiece. The film is a response to the question, "Who is out there caring for us?" and Bergman never truly answers the question, but his background as a minister's child truly shines in this medieval spiritual tale.

    Hearing Woody Allen discuss the impact of Bergman's work upon his own filmography is incredible. Such admiration and respect.

  • This is Wes Anderson at the top of his form. In some mystical way, Anderson's style conveys inner battles and sensations that everyone experiences. From the loss of innocence, to love and jealousy; "The Royal Tenenbaums" is a grade A dysfunctional family drama that possesses Anderson's meticulous style and sense of humor. From the wonderful color schemes, to the standard Wes Anderson dolly shots, "Tenenbaums" is a powerful display of effective writing projected onto the screen.

    The commentary with director Wes Anderson is one of the best I've ever heard as Anderson discusses the level of work that went into the film, in addition to his influences as an artist.

  • The Odyssey in the world of film... and more so, in the world of Godard. This film could only be made by Godard. A reflexive film is not atypical, but this epic film about filmmaking is like no other. The sporadically used score by Delerue is gut-wrenching, and Bardot is magnificent. From the beginning, this film establishes a sense of tragedy, while expressing the power of words (Godard himself reads the credits aloud during the opening credits). This is a must-see in every way! The bonus feature titled "The Dinosaur and The Baby" on the Criterion release is an awesome hour long conversation between Fritz Lang and Godard concerning the future of film (and their conversation is still relevant today)!

  • It's iconic, tense, brilliant, visionary, and political... and oh so good! The whole film is a ticking time bomb from the beginning, and we all get to witness these three characters as they set out on a journey through Paris.

  • A highly politically motivated mystery film that feels like a precursor to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Exotic music, vast treacherous landscapes, and seas of men in pursuit of women. A haunting film about a "careless upper class", and the backward ways they all exhibit.

  • An incredibly innocent story about a father who abandoned his family, yet regrets leaving in every way. Sam Shepard's highly American script brought to life by the German filmmaker Wim Wenders is a perfect marriage.

  • One more.


  • By cinephile_12
    July 17, 2012
    06:31 PM

    Nice list and congrats on your feature film!
  • By Daniel Dolgin
    March 01, 2013
    10:46 PM

    Antichrist and La Haine are brilliant, O really need to get a copy of the second one. I hated Contempt and Hunger though.
  • By SputnikSweetHrt
    June 02, 2013
    07:45 PM

    I'll get around to Anti-Christ one of these days.Good list, and congrats on your film. I used to live in Knoxville, and I miss having access to some of the art house connections I had then...