10 You Can't Get Out of Your Head

by Jeff G.

Created 07/05/12

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The Criterion Collection is certainly known for it's intelligent and challenging choices but within that there are a good number of films that you just can't seem to escape from after the credits stop and the menu screen comes back up. Movies that sideswipe your subconscious when you least expect it sometimes days or weeks after you've watched them. Movies that refuse to let you sleep. Movies that won't fall out of your ear when you tilt your head.

  • Like most Antonioni this is a mystery of a movie that not many may be able to solve after one viewing (if ever). At times it seems deeply personal while at others far removed but after watching it you will never not be able to think of it while going through a fog.

  • Visconti's small story of people meeting perhaps too late sticks with you not just because of the characters but because of their surroundings. Everything seems to be closed or closing...nobody is on the streets. If you live in a urban environment take a walk on a Sunday around 9-10 PM and you get the same feel. It's as if time has run out and the dark loneliness of empty streets is setting in.

  • An impossible to shake drama that settles deep into your spine and won't leave. Whether it's the shouting or the awkwardness or even that piercing Cassavetes close up, there is no way to simply walk away from this movie. Try and it will crawl back up into your brain and stay there for days and anytime you see an argument or someone desperately trying to be heard your teeth will chatter with recognition.

  • Yet another film that's characters leave their indelible mark but more than that it's the color RED that stands out and those vast establishing shots of a mostly empty house filled to the brim with misery, unspoken anger and regret.

  • A movie so specific that even the trailer is fresh in my head. From those rain drenched streets to the wayyyy too tight apartments this is another movie that leaves the color RED on your brain. I've never seen anything like those curtains and I've looked...

  • It's one of De Palma's best (and my personal favorite) but it's not the split screen or the real time stuff that sticks as much as it is that pounding Bernard Herrman score. Hear it once and forever retain it's gong like intensity.

  • Movies that make you sit up and take notice immediately are very rare (especially nowadays) but that beginning on the train... even if you can't remember the exact words being spoken in the narration you will never forget that image.

  • Not so much a movie as a fever dream. To see it the first time feels like you're watching it for the tenth time. It's deja vu on film. Weeks later you remember the abadoned amusement park or the chilly visage of the man in the water but aren't able to connect the dots as to how it fit into the plot which makes it all the more creepy.

  • If I forget everything else about this movie I will always remember one thing...those damn fishing lures. Stewart's masterful wordless acting is on display and it is like watching a perfect game or a 400 yard day...just a G-O-D putting on a clinic.

  • Well...obviously.


  • By futurestar
    August 07, 2012
    04:32 PM

    fine list, that takes in extremes but pays homage to some all time classics to help form a balance of sorts. a most knowledgable cinephile has done quite well. excellent addition.
  • By Steven_M
    November 07, 2012
    06:14 PM

    Salo is definitely the one that I would say stuck most in my head. But not because of the violence and grotesque imagery, but the political and philosophical impact that has so much to say.
  • By Drew G. Dellinger
    December 21, 2012
    02:54 PM

    Dillinger is Dead is the first film that comes to mind, for me. Cool list, I will put it to good use.
  • By D.j. West
    December 26, 2012
    03:48 AM

    Being John Malkovich ;)
  • By D.j. West
    December 26, 2012
    03:48 AM

    and FALILV