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by jakubski

Created 07/05/12

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Jakob Skrzypa is a director, writer and actor who has appeared in many local film and music video productions. He is also involved in local theatre, and most recently played a lead role in Monty Python's Spamalot. He also also directed such films as Vampire Zombies...From Space!, The Ballad of Chuck Fist and Gowst Hunta.

  • Monty Python has been such an influence on me, and such a prime example of what comedy should be. Many feel that The Holy Grail is the best Python film, but for me personally Life of Brian has always been their finest work. This is a film that I can watch again and again and still enjoy just as much as the first time I saw it.

  • This is a film that has never lost it's appeal to me. All I knew about the film when I first watched it back in grade eight was that it was scary, yet somehow, before I even watched it I knew it would be a film I'd never forget. Amazing performance by Anthony Hopkins, beautiful cinematography, and .....well not so beautiful imagery; such as Buffalo Bill dancing to goodbye horses.

  • "I'm just so pissed I wanna spit" It is lines like this that make me love this film. The bluntness with which everyone speaks makes for such good, and often overlooked humour. The look, the sound, the entire feel of this film is amazing. Whenever I watch it, it just seems to connect with me emotionally. The supporting cast is great, the look of the film is vibrant and warm and overall it is just a great film.

  • Being a huge Kevin Smith fan, I must say Chasing Amy is not my favourite of the director's films, but definitely one of his best and most heartfelt. It is the perfect blend of comedy and romance and after viewing the film I am always left with a mixture of sadness and joy, that is how much the story draws me in and for making me feel sad for Ben Affleck who is ....just awful, well that's an accomplishment.

  • This was one of the first Chaplin films I saw, and no 1940's film had ever made me laugh as much as this film did. I was very surprised as I knew I'd enjoy the film regardless, but to be as funny as it was I was pleasantly surprised. I am a huge fan of slapstick humour and this film delivers. Being that I love history and despise Shitler, it was very rewarding to see Chaplin make fun of him and his extremities.

  • I love this film, I can watch it again and again and still it amazes, confuses and entertains me. It's wonderfully weird, beautifully acted and strangely hypnotic.

  • The music is not only funny and entertaining but it is actually GOOD. Considering that the majority of the film was completely improvised it is amazing how talented the actors in this rockumentary are. Packed with unforgettable gags, great music, and little bread this film is a must see.

  • This was the first Wes Anderson film I had ever been exposed too, and boy was it unique. It was funny in a very subtle way, sad in a very subtle way and touching in a very subtle way. Everything in this film just felt unique and different in a very good way. I remember thinking "why can't more films be like this?"

  • Despite its 30 minute runtime, this is by far one of the most powerful death camp documentaries I have seen. It discusses and depicts the horrors people suffered at the hands of the Nazi's, but also explains how easily it could all happen again. It is a film that makes you sick, and more importantly makes you think.

  • Classic film, amazing director.

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