My Top Criterions that need to be Blu

by Strawb_Possum

Created 07/05/12

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We all love the collection here. Hell, if we didn't, we wouldn't have "My Criterion" accounts or Hausu shirts or some other form of nonsense.

Some of us love the collection (and cinema too) to the point where splurging on a Blu-Ray player is a necessity. Due to it being a newer form of media, however, The Collection's Blu-Ray catalog isn't as intimidating as it's DVD catalog.

Like many of you, I've helplessly cluttered the Facebook page from time-to-time with requests for Blu-Ray releases of some of the back catalog and yes we've gotten quite a few jems out of it. However, there are still some out there that I think need to be released on Blu-Ray. Here's ten of them

  • One of the greatest directors to have ever lived. Fortunately, "Solaris" got the treatment. That being said, his two other brilliant accomplishments have not. I really am banking on the films of Tarkovsky to see a high-def remaster.

  • Seriously, guys.

  • Containing one of the greatest cast commentaries of all time, "Spinal Tap" has been released on Blu-Ray through another studio but sadly is no match to the Criterion DVD edition.

  • Yes, this movie did get released on Blu-Ray through another studio. However, the expansive version of this film still stands as one of my favorite DVD's and a high-def treatment to the other version of the film (as well as the expansive making of's) would be welcome.

  • Long out of print and long out of the minds of nearly everyone, "Alphaville" is a very sleek and dark film that needs to see the light of day again SOMEHOW. Unless we all by Laserdisc players and raid the Ebay stores selling the Laser version of this film (since those prices are more reasonable than the DVD versions, lets face it).

  • Arguably the greatest sports film ever released, "Hoop Dreams" is one of the most compelling documentaries ever released. Since this film was criminally snubbed at the Oscars, it would be a shame for it to get snubbed at the chance of a High-Def remaster, wouldn't it?

  • One of the funniest movies ever made. Period. A classic in every sense of the word. Hell, screw a Blu-Ray remaster of this one, lets get it re-released in theaters.

  • Violent, absurd, classic. "Man Bites Dog" is one of those films that requires a shower after watching. A Blu-Ray version of it would make you want to take a couple showers and a few trips to a local shrink.

  • Alright, I know what you're thinking and yes I agree. Every Kurosawa movie needs a high-def treatment. However, Ikiru is sometimes overlooked when it is juxtaposed with Kurosawa's epic samurai films even though it is better than most of them. Yeah, I said it.

  • Masterfully edited, and masterfully crafted, "F For Fake" has mastery written all over it. Staring the master, directed by the master, it's amazing that people survive after watching this film and don't suffer a master overdose.

  • Sleek, stylistic, and the inspiration for John Woo's "The Killer" and Jarmusch's "Ghost Dog." Need I say more?


  • By AP
    July 06, 2012
    06:46 PM

    Hoop Dreams was shot on Hi-8 video so a blu-ray wouldn't do anything for it. I definitely second the Tarkovsky upgrade requests.
    • By Strawb_Possum
      July 06, 2012
      10:57 PM

      That's true, I forgot about the format. Still, some sort-of re-coloration would be cool and I think it needs to be re-released in some sort-of format.
  • By Eric Levy
    August 01, 2012
    06:19 AM

    Excellent idea for a list! I strongly agree there should be upgrades of BRAZIL, F FOR FAKE, and especially the Tarkovsky titles. Other Criterion titles I'm hoping get the Blu upgrade: The Cassavetes box set THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC HOUSE OF GAMES AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE WISE BLOOD All of the Bresson titles All of the Renoir titles--especially THE RIVER All of the non-Blu Antonioni titles--especially L'AVVENTURA All of the non-Blu Powell/Pressburger titles--especially A CANTERBURY TALE And please check out my Criterion/National Film Registry list: Eric
    • By Eric Levy
      August 01, 2012
      06:20 AM

      Darn it! I hit enter after each title to make my list look like a list. It was printed this way. Sorry for the lack of commas.
  • By Eric Levy
    November 02, 2012
    01:54 PM

    IVAN'S CHILDHOOD and BRAZIL announced for January. Looks like someone is paying attention! :-)
    • By Strawb_Possum
      January 30, 2013
      05:03 PM

      It's exciting, isn't it?
  • By zombieland
    June 13, 2013
    10:32 AM

    I don't think any Criterion DVD's need to be upgraded more than Great Expectations and Oliver Twist. All the Eisenstein material would be a very close second.
  • By Eric Levy
    February 09, 2015
    02:12 PM

    Hi again. Haven't checked this list in a while. I notice that four of your ten are now upgraded, and three more are out of print. Time to revise your list perhaps?
    • By Strawb_Possum
      October 17, 2016
      12:38 PM

      Oh man! I need to do this again.