My Top 10

by mbaumback

Created 07/04/12

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My current top 10 films released by Criterion. Subject to change. How do you pick just 10??

  • A work of genius 20 years in the making. The defining film of Malick's entire oeuvre.

  • The defining film in Kubrick's career and a precursor to the director he would become.

  • French New Wave at its finest. One of the most inspiring and critically important films ever made.

  • A hilarious and introspective critique on the presence of religion in 20th century America.

  • This could be one of the greatest stories ever told. Fincher captures the beauty as well as the fragility of life on Earth while adhering to the complications of aging: forwards and backwards.

  • Kirk Douglas at his finest and a film that may bridge the gap between traditional film noir and the Hollywood Renaissance.

  • Great cast. Robert Mitchum gives one of the best performances of his career in this 1970s crime gem. Awesome screenplay, too.

  • Vicious imagery that attacks the viewer relentlessly. Only von Trier could make a film this gruesome but also this brilliant.

  • A groundbreaking film for both Polanski and Catherine Deneuve. Scary, sensual, and stylistic without being over-the-top.

  • Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen in any film. Incredibly symbolic and brilliantly acted.


  • By Michael_Semoff
    July 16, 2012
    03:26 PM

    You are so right about Benjamin Button, as well as The Ice Storm (which I can't wait to upgrade when the time comes).
  • By Richard Maikranz
    September 26, 2012
    03:52 AM

    Always good to see Wise Blood gettin' some lovin'.