Most Wanted at the July Sale

by CassAntonioni76

Created 07/03/12

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  • Cannot wait to see a film by this director. Now I usually tend to go for the more obscure films in the collection. For some reason once a movie has been talked about to a certain degree I lose interest, even if it's a film in the Criterion Collection. Call me a snob or whatever you want, but I can't help it.

  • Love Ozu. My favorite film of his so far is Equinox Flower. I checked this set out from my local library, but didn't have time to watch any of the others.

  • I often lean towards films that are longer - "the longer the better". Plus I love movies about families. It seems like this film was made for me. Can't wait to finally watch it. Like many people I would love to see "A Brighter Summer Day" added to the collection.

  • I don't own any blu-rays or a blu-ray player, but I expect this or "Yi Yi" to be my first.

  • I have been wanting this set since I saw "Through a Glass Darkly". That's the only one of the three I have seen, but I enjoy blind-buys.

  • I watched the New Yorker print of L'Atalante which looked like absolute shit, but I still enjoyed the film. I wasn't struck by it right away, but now every time I think about it I feel as if I'm dreaming.

  • Roger Ebert's review of "Woman in the Dunes" made me want this set even more. Teshigahara sounds like a true master of the strange.

  • This one never really caught my attention until I had watched my first Ozu film. Through that film I somehow learned of Naruse and was instantly intrigued. This is one director I'm sure I will want to see more of in the collection.

  • Wish I could say more, but this just looks really great.

  • I've heard it's a little sentimental, but I watch some anime so I think I can deal with it.

  • Not a fan of Brakhage at all, but I love Frampton. All I've seen is "Nostalgia" which I really liked, and I also watched "Lemon" which

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