Top 10 Criterion Films

by CassAntonioni76

Created 07/03/12

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  • My introduction to Cassavetes. This film never disappoints. It is an absolute joy to watch even with its ultimate heartbreak....Still waiting on "Love Streams" (my favorite Cassavetes) to make it into the collection.

  • Most likely my favorite film of all time. The only reason "Chinese Bookie" beat it out is because of how immensely Cassavetes changed the way I viewed films...Would love to see "Maborosi" in the collection as well.

  • I used to think that the films in the Eclipse Sets weren't worth my time or money, but I was VERY wrong. This film and the few other Ozu films I've seen bring me some sort of inner peace while watching them. Yet at the same they make me think about the current state of my life, and what I want it to be in the future.

  • For quite some time I thought that only anime could explore memories in an interesting way. Then I rented this. I was blown away by intriguing the whole thing was. This film has endless re-watchability since there is no real plot, only ideas, and lots of them.

  • I love Japanese films so much because the culture. And here we see how so many traditional Japanese people keep their true feelings beneath the surface. Just the idea of this film being made in the 30s was amazing when I first watched it. Up until then all I had really seen were American romance films from that era.

  • Just finished this film yesterday and love it. The atmosphere is breathtaking and the scene in which she sings "Memories are Made of This" is pure magic.

  • I had been waiting to see a film discuss faith as this film did and it really opened my eyes and ears to what I thought could be portrayed on film.

  • There was a time when I thought this was the greatest film of all time. Now I still think it's one of the ten best, but there's just not enough for me to connect to. I don't relate to the characters, and their emotions feel so forced.

  • IThere are simply not enough South Korean films in the collection (only one film to be exact). Something needs to be done about this. Many of the greatest films being made right now are coming from this country. This one is no exception.

  • I was in love the first time I saw "Breathless". It was exactly as cool as I had hoped. I tried watching the remake, but it is literally unwatchable.

  • The British "Taxi Driver". Personally, I enjoy this film much more. There's more for me to grasp onto emotionally.

  • I had to include this because of the ending scream.

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