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by Jeffrey Berman

Created 07/03/12

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my current favorites in the collection. my only rule is one movie per director. i could have all of wes' films on here, and that just takes up too many spots for other great films.

  • Despite being bittersweet, no other film right now makes me feel as good as Rushmore. And it has the greatest ending song to a movie I've ever seen.

  • A nostalgia film with no nostalgia, except maybe for the epic soundtrack. All of these characters just exist. It's like Linklater got in a time machine and followed these kids around for a day.

  • How do we get people to listen to a bunch of wealthy and pretentious kids? Drop a regular, intelligent guy in their world. Genius. I had a blast watching these people talk and argue with each other. Not many films have dialogue like this. And Chris Eigman, man is he awesome.

  • One of the most creative and imaginative films just happens to be about a guy who's got a creative block. I love film about film, and this basically started it all.

  • There is nothing like Jarmusch. I love the portrait he paints of America in his first 3 films, and Mystery Train is maybe the best. Each story in the movie is so unique, subtle and alive. Sometimes nothing seems to be happening, but that is just not the case.

  • I've loved basketball since I was a kid, and I'm now a Sociology major. Hoop Dreams is the best movie about those two things. Plus, what a story and what footage. It's amazing that everything in this movie really happened.

  • Poetry and intensity. This has the greatest war sequence I've ever seen. Everything else wouldn't be in most war films, but this is Malick we're talking about. His perspective on our world as it relates to human nature and violence is one of a kind. I'm glad his eye for natural beauty makes it's way into a movie about some ugly stuff.

  • When I first saw this, I thought it was simply a very good film about that time in your life after college. After seeing it again I realized not only how funny it is, but how touching it is too. The look Jane gives at the end is priceless. And Chris Eigman and Eric Stolz are just scene-stealers. Their talents were made for movies like this.

  • Just a devastating film with one of my favorite actors, Tony Leung. This is the kind of movie where the story is elevated so much by a director who knows what to do with it. Every shot is purposeful, from the framing, color, and lighting. O and that music. Film doesn't get more powerful than watching the closing shots with that beautiful score.

  • As I said earlier, I love films about film or in this case art in general. This movie combines one of my favorite films:Before Sunset, with discussion about the meaning of art. Certified Copy was made for me.


  • By David MacDonald
    July 15, 2012
    08:58 PM

    Dude, Chris Eigman IS awesome! Usually no one ever notices that. Certified Copy is my favorite Kiarostami movie so far, although I have many more to watch before I can finalize that. Kicking and Screaming is another great nineties film like the Stillman movies and Chasing Amy; I can't get enough of stuff like that. The Thin Red Line, like all Malick movies, leaves me speechless. To try to describe it or explain why I love it would degrade the entire experience. Rushmore is my 3rd favorite Anderson after The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom. It's probably my favorite Anderson-Murray collaboration, even though Life Aquatic was amazing. Bill Murray is and will always remain the master of the sardonic. Dazed & Confused... there was a whole slew of movies about the seventies made in the nineties. I guess that's how long it takes nostalgia to set in. I could watch this one every day; it's probably my 2nd favor after Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe deserves to join the collection). Good list overall, dude.
    • By Jeffrey Berman
      August 08, 2012
      09:48 PM

      Thanks man. Yea I really like stuff by Stillman, Baumbach, Linklater and Kevin Smith, where the characters are just fun to listen to. And Almost Famous is really good. So is Say Anything.