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by Jeffrey Berman

Created 07/03/12

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  • By David MacDonald
    July 15, 2012
    08:58 PM

    Dude, Chris Eigman IS awesome! Usually no one ever notices that. Certified Copy is my favorite Kiarostami movie so far, although I have many more to watch before I can finalize that. Kicking and Screaming is another great nineties film like the Stillman movies and Chasing Amy; I can't get enough of stuff like that. The Thin Red Line, like all Malick movies, leaves me speechless. To try to describe it or explain why I love it would degrade the entire experience. Rushmore is my 3rd favorite Anderson after The Royal Tenenbaums and Moonrise Kingdom. It's probably my favorite Anderson-Murray collaboration, even though Life Aquatic was amazing. Bill Murray is and will always remain the master of the sardonic. Dazed & Confused... there was a whole slew of movies about the seventies made in the nineties. I guess that's how long it takes nostalgia to set in. I could watch this one every day; it's probably my 2nd favor after Almost Famous (Cameron Crowe deserves to join the collection). Good list overall, dude.
    • By Jeffrey Berman
      August 08, 2012
      09:48 PM

      Thanks man. Yea I really like stuff by Stillman, Baumbach, Linklater and Kevin Smith, where the characters are just fun to listen to. And Almost Famous is really good. So is Say Anything.