My suggested titles to start with.

by Kip

Created 06/17/17

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I still come across people who haven't heard of Criterion so I thought I would put together a list on my opinion of the best place to start.

  • Favorite Wim Wenders, intersting plot and beautiful shot landscapes and lighting.

  • Wonderful French series, all three films are on about the same level in my opinion.

  • Another great French film.

  • I think the superior version of the film, Peter Lorre is an essential charter I believe. Many actors in the 50s version were forgettable. The transfer on the 30s Criterion is much better then the 50s version as well. Maybe I would be a better fan of the 50s version if it had a decent transfer.

  • Probably my favorite Chapiln, a comedy essentially about Hitler while he was still in power in real life. Very weird!

  • Possibly my favorite Hitchcock on Criterion. I love the new cover painting!

  • Good film about priorities in life. Some see similarities to "It's a Wonderful Life". "It's a Wonderful Life" is not my favorite James Stewart but Ikiru is one of my top 5 favorite Kurosawa.

  • A film without main characters. You don't see that too much!

  • Story about a boy who relies on a hair salon woman to become his caretaker.

  • War film where the boy has flashbacks to non-war times. Well shot and I would like to see more films by the director. I saw "Stalker" and thought it was just ok but I will give some of the director other films a chance.

  • My favorite release from 2017! Too bad I missed it the first time it came out in 2001. Great story, beautifully shot. Nothing negative to say about it.

  • I like the kid's character who stared in this! Pretty funny and yet serious at the same time.

  • I didn't think a film about Ramen could be all that great but I was certainly wrong! A Barnes and Noble employee suggested I get this one.

  • Interesting movie that had very restrained acting. After watching over done acting this was a good change of pace. I can't think of another director that works this way. Too bad he wasn't that productive at the end of his life would like to see what else he would have come up with.

  • Favorite Kurosawa along side Ikiru. I liked both of these movies more then Seven Samurai that a lot of people hype up (that was also a good film.)

    I could certainly keep going but I think that is a good starting point to get into Criterion's 900 film collection.

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