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by Dr Gonzo

Created 06/17/17

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These are my favorite ten films in the Collection.

  • This is my favorite film of all time. It's cinema in its purest form. The way Tarkovsky uses time to create a dense atmosphere which you can explore, is amazing. The soundscape is phenomenal, the cinematography maybe even better. This is the pinnacle of cinema, the holy grail. It's the only film I couldn't live without. So excited for the CC release this summer!

  • Bergman's modernist masterpiece. Both a study of the female psyche, and a study of cinema. With it's meta-elements (projector breakdown, the opening scene, the scene that shows the cameraman) it's a reflection on film, what film can do, and how it manipulates the viewer. It's an essential film.

  • If Claude Monet would've made a film it would be Days of Heaven. Pure impressionism. It's like a fairytale with an edge. The performances are great, the direction even greater. And the ending is one of my favorite endings ever: "I was hopin' things would work out for her. She was a good friend of mine". Just perfect.

  • I'm a huge Wong fan, and this is my favorite of his. This is the one film I could watch every day. It's so playful and fun to watch, and at the same time it deals with themes that touch me: loneliness, unrequited love, connections that don't last but keep wandering through ones mind.. It's so good. Oh another plus: California Dreaming.

  • What can I say. Wenders at his best. HDS knocks it out of the park. And Muller does his best work as cinematographer (and he did a lot of great stuff). The ending is so original and so heartbreaking.

  • Arguably the most important film ever made. Definitely one of the most fun films ever made. It's so stylish, so cool, so free. I always compare it to a great jazz improv: nobody really knows what's gonna happen, and it turns out awesome.

  • Robert Altman's masterpiece. The interconnectedness of urban life has never been explored as good as it is in Short Cuts. It perfectly captures the fragmentation of our daily lives, and how some of these fragments sometimes come together, and then leave again.

  • Best film about love ever made.

  • Such an interesting film. It's both a deep philosophical journey in search for God, as well as a fun quest of a bunch of people in medieval times (comedy included). Oh, beware: the images will penetrate your mind. And you can never forget them.

  • Sad. So, so sad. But so, so good.

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