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by Jesse_M

Created 06/13/17

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Inevitably with any collection as wide as Criterion, there will be some picks we don't really agree with. These are mine.

  • This is my #1 least favorite criterion film because it really has nothing to say, and when it does say something it does it in the most over the top and obvious way possible. Everything important was already covered in the previous two in the Qatsi trilogy, so this is just left to meander in all of its digitally-tinged misery. Also interesting to note that there are shots that aren't in the right aspect ratio in this movie. Incredible.

  • SO pretentious. Poetry devoid of meaning or purpose.

  • What an interesting idea-- a dog that has been trained to attack certain people on sight based on race. Great idea for a horror film, great idea for a social commentary/mystery/something. Too bad it's boring and undoes everything it sets out to say by the end. Watched this at a Halloween party and it immediately killed the mood.

  • Old in a bad way.

  • Unbearably pretentious.

  • Dull, boring.

  • Ozu, for me, represents a special corner of Asian cinema that I absolutely do not get. Japanese Boredom Cinema.

  • While this has some interesting images, the story ends up very unsatisfactory, and the characters are practically nonexistent.

  • I might change my tune on this upon re-watch since I know what Makavejev is all about now, but I thought this was really pretentious and was just a glorified propaganda film.

  • I swear, this movie was edited by a Martian. With a tone that can only be described as awkward, and a story that doesn't end up making much sense, this is an extremely amateur effort by Fassbinder.

  • While not quite as bad as Love is Colder Than Death, this film comes off above all else as a failed experiment.

  • A quite dull documentary that has many obvious tamperings with it.

  • By far the most overrated film of all time. It looks great, but if you listen too close to the dialogue you're bound to fall asleep, as everything in the movie goes nowhere, including the movie. And though that is the point of the film, that isn't much of a premise to build a movie on.

  • Just wasn't interested in this, wasn't scary, didn't care for anyone as they were all underwritten as many characters in Del Toro's films tend to be (aside from Chronos and Crimson Peak).

  • A dry deadpan comedy that's so dry and deadpan that it isn't even recognizable as comedy.

  • Fantastically made, but steeped in the ignorance of religion. Not one moment is spent asking if any of it is real or having any doubt whatsoever, it is simply basking in the awe of bullshit.

  • A goofy comedy that wasn't too funny. But at least you've got great music and charisma to carry you through.

  • I've only seen Primary-- and was utterly disappointed at the lack of, well, anything. Personality, a real story to tell, it's just people running for office.

  • Don't remember much except that I was bored.

  • A very minimalist documentary that doesn't do much, if anything, to provoke interest in the audience.

  • Although it has the fun Kurahara quirk to it, it doesn't nearly live up to his other films.

  • Dee. Coker.

  • Someone should've hired an editor. There's a fantastic movie in here somewhere, but it's so bloated and watered down that it just needs a good cutting.

  • Unmemorable and boring.

  • I was surprised to find that this movie has quite sloppily-filmed action and a plot out of a shitty soap opera. Looks the part too.

  • This isn't a bad movie, but it sure ain't Criterion material.

  • My least favorite Bergman film- an observation of the emotions surrounding death with the subtlety of an exploitation film. It has Harriet Andersson's best performance, but that's not enough to hold up an otherwise mediocre film.

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