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by Paul Bird

Created 05/03/17

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I like tragedy, disappointments, being outright disgusted, and oddly unsettling films. But I'm a nice guy I swear haha

  • This film says so much about what may happen if you're half-hearted in your relationships, and how following the path of least resistance causes real harm. This film is mesmerizing but parts of the story are oddly unsettling. Wonderful movie.

  • Two separate stories of romances that almost happened, but didn't. So close, but yet so far. Basically its watching people kind of falling in love, kind of avoiding each other, kind of caring, kind of floating through life. Also love the cinematography

  • I've watched this one so many times, and every time it causes me to think very deeply about motivation and guilt and communication and honesty. When somebody a sympathetic ear to listen to them, they'll volunteer all kinds of secrets. I think this says a lot about people's need to be heard and understood and loved.

  • Religion though! #faithcrisis I like how Bergman asks hard questions of religion. (specifically Lutheranism) This one also asks if faking faith is effectively the same thing as true faith.

  • This film is just scenes from a home for mentally disturbed youth. Naturally it was heartbreaking and terrifying, God bless these kids and their caregivers for having to live like that. Screaming, wrestling, crying, hate-filled dialogue.

  • The classic two men, one woman story. Like Twilight.

  • This movie made me sick. It is dark and bizarre and surreal and really gross. Spent the entire movie being disgusted and uncomfortable. I love it. haha.

  • Child Rape. Okay.

    Like this one robbed me of my ability to feel. Yet it tore my heart apart and I cried a few times during the movie. This film was presented almost as a sleazy, seedy porn film, kinda trashy. But its also art.

  • Pina Bausch was the first modern dance choreographer I fell in love with. She's beautiful, raw, abstract, heart-grabbing, intimate, and mesmerizing.

  • These two women living in a house that's falling apart. Like literally raccoons are destroying the mansion. Also these two bickering women crack me up.

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