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by Jonathan F.

Created 03/21/17

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Come at me

  • Even with all of its' flaws: cheesy 80's era outbursts of "BULLSHIT", and one helluva unnecessary chase scene; this is a unique fantastic film, entertaining and fun like no other. Having said that, De palma juggles somber, hopless tones and self aware comedy effortlessly. Thematically he couples corruption and scandals in U.S. politics along with the beauty of audio recording and film making, blending my two favorite subjects. De Palma stylizes this joint absurdly with double focuses, color staging red white blues, and many other unconventional 'in your face' directorial techniques. I have never loved Travolta in a role like I have here, not mention Lithgow is as entertaining as ever. In one term I will explain this movie 'OVER THE TOP!'.

  • Soderbergh, a director I had never heard of, a director who's filmography is as expansive at is diverse. Traffic, a movie I viewed with skepticism, expecting a run of the mill watered down take on the drug lifestyle and enforcement. How wrong I was... This film unlike any other presents truths in the most honest way you can, with incessant contradiction, In the words of one America's best authors "There's no one thing that's true. It's all true.". Benicio Del Toro has cemented himself as one of my most beloved actors with this film, A manly uncompromising force that in the end reveals himself to be a sensitive individual not unlike our quoted author, I might include. Writer Gaghan has crafted a story that will wrench the viewer's soul regardless of age, while Soderbergh has captured an era. Masterful!

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