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by Wilson H.

Created 03/16/17

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These are a list of my favorite films on Criterion so far

  • Ozu films are the easiest films to watch and this film in particular especially proves my point. This plot kinda broke away from most of his storylines yet it is still very much an Ozu film. It was tough to pick between this and the Tokyo titled films of his but ultimately this film is slightly more rewatchable. Not many filmmakers can bring me to tears but Ozu has done it on more than one occasion and that's a testament of his ability to have you so invested in his characters that by the end of the film, you really felt like you just lived a small part of your life with those characters.

  • Inevitably right before I watched this film for the first time, I couldn't help but think this film would pale in comparison to Tokyo Story. It had absoloutly nothing to do with Tokyo Story but the titles were similar and the films were made relatively close to each other. There is a scene in this film that brought me to tears and if you ever see this film, you'll know exactly which scene it is. It's when she gets home after seeing the abortion doctor and having just taken her pills, she is very drowsy. She comes home and as her sister is making her bed in the other room she sees her sister's baby crawling. To which she starts crying and sees what she was turning down. It was a very powerful scene that only Ozu could oh so perfectly construct.

  • There isn't really much to be said for this film that hasn't already been said. It hasn't dated at all in my book. Akira Kurosawa is the master and this film forever changed the game. This is in my mind the first epic masterpiece ever made in terms of scope. An all star cast with an amazing plot that has been plagiarized dozens of times ever since. This is the original and boy is it spectacular!

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