Youthful Angst

by LyleG

Created 03/06/17

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Ennui, malaise... angst.
Being young and out in the world alone can be a frightfully intimidating place for everyone. Whether a college graduate or a high school dropout, these films highlight the cloudiness of finding a purpose and discovering where everything fits with one major question in mind... "Where Do We Go From Here?"

  • A visual cascade of young (and even old) people blending into each other within a place of limited opportunities and low expectation. Everything is connected and yet everyone is disconnected.

  • What's great about the core group of kids here is that even though they talk with such posture and entitlement, deep down, they are really no better off than most people their own age. The worst part? They're completely aware of that fact.

  • Max is an ambitious kid who lacks the ability to prioritize. Not only does he go through the doldrums of professing his love to his teacher, but so does Herman (Bill Murray) who is even more miserable despite all of his success.

  • An outsider who's completely comfortable not conforming with anyone still has to cope with how the world is slowly changing around her as her friends, family and love life all take their unexpected turns.

  • A drop-out punk with no direction in life, no girl, no money and almost no beer, Otto takes on the work of a Repo Man and obtains the "intense life" he's always yearned for, along with a couple bucks and a radioactive Chevy Malibu.

  • Bored people shamble here and there in this roaming trip through the east coast with very little to say but with just enough means to get by.

  • Finding love in all the wrong places.

  • A humane look at sexual identity, Holden has many insecurities towards his work, his friendships and the girl he wants so badly but is rebuffed by her own lifestyle and insecurities.

  • Obsessed with death, Harold finds very little satisfaction in life until a spirited, elderly Maude teaches him the value of it all.

  • A modern look at the paralyzing feeling of post-grad angst.

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