Evil Greg's Criterion Top 10

by Greg

Created 02/21/17

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I've been with the Criterion Collection since I first got the Seven Samurai on DVD. Been a fan ever since, so this felt right.

  • My favorite Criterion film, and my pick for greatest film ever made. I can't do this film any kind of justice in this text block. I wrote essays about this film in college. Spike Lee is a master, and this is him at his best. Also, the best Cinematography of any film. Nothing looks as good as carbon arcs. A perfect film.

  • This film is one of the many reasons I married my wife. She was studying french cinema as part of her undergraduate in French and told me I would love this film. She wasn't wrong. 'Quelle est votre plus grande ambition dans la vie?'
    "Devenir immortel, et puis mourir."

  • The biggest fight my friends group ever had was borrowing one of my friend's copy of Brazil. The Criterion Collection DVD is so fantastic (and justifiably priced) that only one of us could afford a copy. This started a "borrowing" war the echos of which are still heard to this day. The film completely justifies all of that non-sense.

  • Other than Blazing Saddles, this is the most I have ever laughed in a first time watching a movie. I ended up having to watch it again the next day just to catch what I missed the first time around. Making this kind of thing takes a special craft. I tried to make a film in this vein once, and failed miserably. Kudos.

  • A film that demands to be seen. This is one of these hidden gems in the pile of indie films that should be taught in film school. Lynne has such an incredible hand at the camera that it feels too organic. Too personal. Highly recommended.

  • In college, these are the two films I probably watched the most. Toshiro is my hero in life. I dont know how you can do a comedic role like in Seven Samurai, and then play the greatest badass of all time. But Toshiro can do it. Also, Kurosawa is a god, but we all know this.

  • If you have never seen this film, I cannot recommend it enough. Filled with heartbreak and confusion. Another masterpiece from the French New Wave.

  • Another early Criterion purchase. Fritz Lang is my favorite director of all time. What he can do behind a camera is unparalleled. A film so good, my redneck parents watched it and loved it.

  • Only Stop Making Sense beats this for me. This right here is how you make a concert doc. You are living the concert, and can almost smell the Patchouli in the air. The Ravi Shankar performance that closes it out is the cherry on this sundae.

  • A remarkably strange Yakuza film. Strange in the best possible way. I kind of want this film to stay obscure so people dont realize how much I have stolen from this movie. And the dialogue is flawless.

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