My Top 10 Criterion Films

by Feras Almadhi

Created 01/11/17

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  • Ugetsu monogantari, is one of these films what ever happend over the years it's just stick in our Mind, in our heart, Mizoguchi made a film, that no one could do even in the Immagination of a great filmmakers that Could, this is A really tirific masterpice of Art, This is Art

  • when we Made A list, is such A hard to not but a Cassavetes's Film, i Can't Think about it even, and is such a hard to pick one, all of his films are Great, ah it just.. John Cassavetes

  • From learning from The Great Banghali Diractor Satyajit Ray. the country has nothing to do in the Film, when i was in a high school. and just think what if i made a Film? i can't make a story of film. A Saudi A Story. it Just Hard to think becuese there is never by a saudi director shot the Culture, very well before. but whem i saw Satyajit Ray's Banghali and indian Films. made me think about Culture with defrent Visions

  • For Watching an Antonioni's movie, You Should have a different Mood, Mood In the taste of things, Mood for watching the beauty and how to see what behind the Souls. In l'Aventura I Watched it on a day, i mess beauty, Veronica, i have that imitation that make me learn what is the thing that magical on Antonioni's work, in l'avventura he Dance with the soul of his actors This film really really gets me.

  • One of the big things that make me admire the art of Cinema, is The Great Yasujirô Ozu, No One Could Make Films Like Ozu, No Guns No Sadness Stories, Home, Trains, Family, Kids, Marriage with out negative ways like what do we watch in cinema most of the time, And For me No one well make my day the way that Ozu did, He Make even The Week, in Tokyo Story his masterpiece he Moved me in a lot of different ways, his creators really touch me, when they smile I smile from the Bottom of my heart, and when they feel Sad, I Cry. It just Ozu

  • Chantal Akerman, not just hocked with her films, even her personality, on Jeanne Dielman, 23.. she show us the routine in very Realistic way, Realistic and fascinating than every thing, and what can I say About the gorgeous frames and the one Still shots who's make no walls or screen between me and Jeanne Dielman

  • Robert Altman's Nashville is a Film that i wait to watch it in a long time, at that time wasn't Translated to Arabic so i wait, but my waiting is been stoped and i watch it and it was one of these films that doesn't look like an 2 and a half Hours, the time goes really really fast and I don't feel it at all, altman is Genius in Films that have a lot of Characters, in Nashville, all the Characters are completely great in the frame, the film was Genius in directing the music and the people, Characters by actors at that time probably unknown Actors that one pf these things that make the film A Masterpiece, Nashville is about America, love, Music, Comedy and people, If You are an American You better watch it in every 4th July

  • I Never felt an action film like the way i fell Suzuki's Tokyo Nagaremono, the Movement of colors, The Great Soundtrack and the Words mean much, The Terrific Creators on the film Without exception, Seijun Made Yakuza-Action Film from heaven, it's An absolute perfection in this Genre

  • Rashomon been my favorite Film for a long time, until know it's one of my favorite films of all time, it such an experience that film, presenting a lot of things about the humans nature, this film have some fear and panic from in a deep thing on the human soul, From start to finish film is walking at one time and very strong with different places and times and here we talk about the genius of this film, panic is not because of an incident or a crime has occurred, but something much further, a film talking about the self about truth and lies about faith and humanity, My Favorite Kurosawa

  • human Soul, Evil, Fear, Desire, Sadistic
    Pasolini's Salo, is how to break all the barriers that filmmakers face. What a Stunning and Shocking Film

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