by Kilianf286

Created 11/03/15

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Inspired by Eric Levy’s
list of collaborations between directors and composers, I decided to make a list on directors who have employed the same editor multiple times.

This list was also inspired by these articles written by Mark Cousins:

Cousins, Mark. "Scissor Sisters." Sight & Sound Aug. 2015: 13.

Cousins, Mark. "Scissor Sisters: Part Two." Sight & Sound Sept. 2015: 13.

Films, whose directors who edited their own films will not be put on this list. I thus will not put any Coen Bros. films edited under the pseudonym Roderick Jaynes or any Kurosawa films edited by him on this list.

For more on Editing see Brown's list: Cut the Rebop: Editor's Pics


  • By TruffautBergman
    November 03, 2015
    10:37 PM

    Hi! Thank you so much for adding my lists {"I've Seen It All: A Union Of Visions" and "Black Lake: Clarity & Healing"} to your 'favorites'; I'm very grateful. Also, Thank you for the comments/corrections on 'I've Seen It All", they've been made. P.S., The Dardenne Brothers were already on the list.
  • By Kilianf286
    November 03, 2015
    10:53 PM

    Thanks for adding my list and mentioning it in your Cinematographers list! Glad to help out with your list I should have used CTRL+F before making the Dardenne Bros. comment.
  • By Eric Levy
    November 05, 2015
    05:28 AM

    Great new list Kilian! I love how we're turning these collaborations into a tradition. Who will be the first to create a Directors/Key Grips list? ;-)
  • By TruffautBergman
    November 18, 2015
    01:23 PM

    Hello. Thank you for the lovely recommendations on my "Vertebræ By Vertebræ: Leading Ladies" list, they've been added to the list!