Top 10 Eclipse Films

by Glen S.

Created 05/21/15

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These are, I think, the top 10 best films released in the Eclipse series. Sometimes I don't want to see "one of the greatest films ever made", I just want to try something different.

  • Criterion missed their chance when they didn't release this as a regular Criterion film. I'm embarrassed to say I did not know this story until I saw this film - it's now one of my favorite films of all time. The acting and directing are flawless. The battle scenes are incredible for a 1934 film.

  • I hate to admit it but to me Ozu's late films are all rather similar, but like everything he made they are all masterpieces. I guess this one sticks out in my mind because it was his first color film.

  • This film introduced me to Aki Kaurismaki and I've loved his films ever since. It's a comedy, sort of. I told my mom it was funny, we watched it together, and she commented, "You're not laughing." I guess it's a laugh on the inside kind of film. Who else but Kaurismaki could make a comedy in which none of the characters ever cracks a smile?

  • An amazing war film, so good I think anyone would like it regardless of whether or not they like war films.

  • When I first watched the silent Ozu films I wasn't that impressed. I later decided to give them another try and discovered that they are true treasures. This has to be the best movie ever made about two kid brothers.

  • Criterion should have released this as a regular Criterion film. The directing and story are stunning.

  • You know you're in new and fascinating territory when a French filmmaker in 1936 begins his film by introducing, in person, the people who made the film. The amazement only continues from there. This is one of the least conventional films I've ever seen.

  • It's rare, to me, to see a silent film that grabs you as much or more than any more modern film. This one grabbed me.

  • To me the great thing about this film is the story - it is a great story, and I hope one day someone will pick it up and make another film of it. A dying man wants to leave his inheritance to his three illegitimate children - but first they have to find them, and each search is a story in itself.

  • Some films on this list are here just because they stood out from the other 150 or so Eclipse films - this one really engaged me. And it's fascinating to me to watch films made in France during the German occupation.

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