Friends to the End

by MrCannon

Created 01/30/14

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Are friends all we have to keep us going? this list compiles what friends are really for. They could either be trustworthy chums or underlying foes.( Note: there will be more films added)

  • Imagine a group of apes dressed in khakis and sports jackets and a Hawaiian t shirt and throw in a college degree and you got Noah Baumbach's witty comedy of errors and uncertainties takes four college graduate friends that suffer to find meaning in a post-graduate gen-x wasteland of fear and directional desolation. Humoursly juxtaposing between airish intelligence and existential disarray. Baumbach closes comicly on the aimless crisis of comfort and confinement. Where no monkey business is welcomed.

  • Trust your friends? Can you really? How about three flat mates who discover their new occupant dead while finding in his room duffle bag full of cash? Now who do you trust? Danny Boyle charms and chills 90's cinema with this Thatcher-era dark pit comedy not just of parinoia and greed but of a spiritual and moral crisis we're either saved by our human nature or doomed by it. Just remember, what are friends for?

  • In our darkest moment, friends are sometimes all we have, and sometimes thier all we wish to evade. Alan, a young and not-so-cured mental patient wanders the streets of Paris running into old chums, and flames before a ultimate fate engulfs him. Louis Malle's bressonian veiw of self-isolation in post war France corners a individual's desire to escape from the pain of remembering to the fear of freedom that poses a personal and intimate animosity with a generation lost in the past.

  • Friends go through hard times, even if it makes waves. . Godard began his cinematic journey with his iconic new wave imprint "Breathless". Our fearless director plays with his toys again taking two anti-hero friends and thier love triangle with a daft female in hoping to not just steal her over, but a fortune hidden in her home. Godard's perilous comedy striking hard from shadowy poetic tips to Chandler, Hawks to Siegel stylistic and spontaneous with hip cubist calamity as Godard's fatalistic fling pairs connection to not just a celluloid fetish, but his hectic, painful and personal existential connection of film's relationship to reality, and ultimately to his friends who would steal cinema expression forever.

  • Another word for friend is loyalty. No one knows it better than Phillip, a french resistance fighter partnered to his resistance friends go to subversive and dire lengths to infiltrate hitler's army. A poetic and paiterly exucution of Jean Pierre Melville's lurid examination of morality and mortality of war on the conscience even as we fight with friends, we personally fight it alone.

  • We all need a friend to survive. High School leans on the dire need for companionship. Richard Linklater made a personal significant statement with his 1970's anthem sung between groups of high school graduates and freshman friends who clash and burn through uncertainty and anxiety during the first days of summer vacation engaging the mystery that waits for them. Music and film intergrates as Linklater turned up the volume on inner rebellion and aimless youth fighting for something and looking for nothing stands to be music to the ears.

  • Forgiveness among friends is a brave and noble act. For anyone it really represents a form of compassion. David Gordon Green looks straight at a lost vein of southern America with a simering summer tale of George, a patriotic passionate child who witnesses with his friends a horrible tragedy that would change the blistering summer. Told with intimate and bold humanism Green's O'Conner-esqe examination of morality, rationality and love of a free mind wanting to be liberated is a representation of aimlessness of American identity discovering it's innocence again.

  • Not all friends are true, but sometimes acceptance of that is the most essential in friendship, even when inside we are still children. Jane Craig, a tough producer for prestigious news station stumbles into a explosive triangle with a long time field reporter and a new dashing newscaster. Brooks brings you a comedic and intimate scoop about war in the heart of human nature and how little we can help ourselves when confronted with loneliness of our childhood coated in suits and seriousness.

  • In politics friends are a dime a dozen. This film solidifies that statement, trialling a group of boys from a english private school fighting and pickong sides to survive on a secluded island after their class trip plane goes down. With no Gilligan in site, Peter brook drifts ashore with William Goldings haunting novel in hand creating a allegory on man's inner animal is anything but friendly.


  • By MrCannon
    March 05, 2014
    09:29 PM
  • By Emma
    May 24, 2014
    04:12 AM

    I have to say, I think Design for Living is one of the best movies about friendship I've ever seen. Yes, it's technically about a menage-a-trois, but when you get right down to it, it's really about three people who are the best of friends. Nothing, not even romance, can damage their friendship.
  • By Gaydn_Deceased
    May 28, 2014
    10:31 PM

    The Criterion Website needs a forum with an OT section. I would love to hear what you all had to say about real life.
    • By MrCannon
      May 29, 2014
      02:38 AM

      What does that have to do with this list?
  • By MaxKath
    June 07, 2014
    09:16 AM

    Slacker would make a good addition as well.
  • By Gabriel
    July 29, 2014
    02:36 PM

    Jules and Jim
  • By JDHMathews
    September 11, 2015
    10:15 AM

    I know people usually hate on Armageddon, but the friendships of the oil rig workers in that movie would apply to this list. Their chemistry actually works to a degree and is one of the better aspects of the movie.
  • By lordpilgrim
    May 01, 2016
    04:01 PM

    Nice list! Some really great choices here. Perhaps The American Friend deserves a place here. Ripley and Zimmerman begin as foes and end up as trustworthy chums in some truly wonderful cinematic moments.
  • By TheLifeAquatic
    May 11, 2016
    12:57 PM

    The Big Chill?