Great Criterion Sci-Fi

by Corby Daniel

Created 03/30/13

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At heart, I'm a horror movie nerd. Most of the movies I seek out are horror, or at least dark movies that often challenge social convention. So it caught me off guard to realize that I've ended up with a number of great sci-fi films in my Criterion list. (Of course, a lot of them blur the genre line between sci-fi and horror, but still...)

  • The quintessential giant monster movie, this is probably the simplest form of horror/science fiction combination. It's a great classic that any lover of film should have in their collection.

  • Another classic monster movie. Any film that begins with a meteor crashing to Earth is bound to be a great one.

  • A great monster flick. I had never heard of this one before Criterion released it. I'm glad they did. Gotta love those invisible brain monsters!

  • One of my absolute favorite movies ever, by my favorite director. this is a film that appeals to me for its transgressive nature and it's horror ties, Videodrome is also a great science fiction film that still resonates, despite its dated technology. For me, in fact, this dated technology in the film is a great part of its style and appeal.
    Criterion needs to put out more Cronenberg movies!

  • I'll admit I had to watch this slow-burner a few times before it grew on me. Still, how could any self respecting David Bowie fan not own this movie?

  • This is an odd film for me to own. It's decidedly an aberration in my collection. However, I watched this movie on TV several times as a kid, and I couldn't resist picking it up once it was released by Criterion.

  • Another childhood favorite that got the Criterion treatment. I'm sure this was my first exposure to the genius of Terry Gilliam. This madcap time travel romp is not his best work, but definitely an early favorite of mine.

  • Speaking of Terry Gilliam's best work, this dark and hilarious science fiction comedy is a strong contender for that title. This film presents a brilliant dystopian vision, full of bleakness and humor.

  • A chilling tale of medical horror as a deranged physician tries to help his mutilated daughter by perfecting a human face transplant operation.

  • A great mix of 80's action cheese with science fiction and plenty of splatter. RoboCop is a fun ride.

  • A great version of a great story. I'm in the minority of people who actually enjoys all three film versions of The Island of Dr Moreau, but this version is undeniably the best.

  • A surreal 80's punk movie. I'm glad to see this one being added to the Criterion roster. Can't wait to own a copy.

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