Ten Old Movies To Watch With The Kids

by Moviefan777

Created 12/25/12

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Just watch and smile. If you have any suggestions, let me know (Please be serious! No Antichrist or Salo allowed.)

  • 1. A Fairy Tale Done Perfectly 2. The Love For Each Other Is Genuine, Except For The Villians 3. Way Smarter Than Disney Version Ages 3+

  • 1. Status Doesn't Matter 2. Your Behavior Does Matter 3. A Fun Western Ages 9+

  • 1. Still Funny Years After It Was Made 2. Puts In Social Commentary That Works 3. Carole + William Sitting In A Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Ages 7+

  • 1. "Fart Jokes Are Universal" 2. "Parent Cluelessness Is Universal" 3." Human Grace Is Universal"- quotes by Ty Burr's book, The Best Old Movies For Families. Ages 7+

  • 1. Seven Heroes Doing What Is Right Even Though They Won't Get Any Rewards For It 2. Stylish Action 3. Big Emotions Ages 13+

  • 1. Delightful Romance + 2. Charming Comedy + 3. Meddlesome Mystery= 4. Hitchcock Style Ages 9+

  • 1. A Sense Of Americania 2. A Sense Of History 3. Lincoln's Humanist Uncommon Sense Ages 9+

  • 1. Classic Comedy 2. Social Commentary 3. Perfect Love Ages 6+

  • 1. The Boy's Love For The Balloon 2. The Balloon's Love For The Boy 3. A Beautiful Tale Of Friendship Ages 5+

  • 1. The Sense Of Dickens Is Still Timeless 2. The Gothic Undertones 3. Pip Grows And Changes Ages 9+


  • By Eric Levy
    December 27, 2012
    06:53 AM

    Great idea for a list! My nine year old is already a budding cinephile. MODERN TIMES and THE RED BALLOON are two of his favorites. I'll try some of your other recommendations. He also likes W.C. Fields, so I'm going to try THE BANK DICK and the Fields shorts collection. WHITE MANE is another Lamorisse film that's great for kids.
    • By Moviefan777
      August 13, 2013
      09:07 PM

      I just love seeing kids being brought up on good movies that enlighten their thirst for creativity/knowledge. Keep up the good work! :) Say hi to him for Criterion. By the way, the W.C. Fields Short Collection might be too mean-spirited for kids to handle. However, THE BANK DICK is a wonderful choice, along with IT'S A GIFT, to show to kids. White Mane almost got on the list but I decided to praise THE RED BALLOON
    • By Eric Levy
      March 12, 2014
      01:02 PM

      Been a while since I commented here, so I thought I'd update. My son, now ten, continues his cinephilia. He loved THE BANK DICK, IT'S A GIFT, and STAGECOACH. MODERN TIMES is his favorite Chaplin (though he's loved them all). Recently we watched FORBIDDEN PLANET and THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, both of which he also loved. Now that we've seen the remake, I have to show him SEVEN SAMURAI. We haven't done a subtitled film together yet, but he seems open-minded enough. He even loved 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, which makes me one proud papa. By the way Moviefan, responding to one of your comments to one of my lists, I finally saw THESE AMAZING SHADOWS, which was wonderful.
    • By Moviefan777
      March 17, 2014
      08:24 PM

      Wow. That is one smart kid who can appericate Krubrick at a young age. You are raising him well. :) P.S. Thanks for checking out These Amazing Shadows.
  • By Russell Fry
    December 27, 2012
    03:27 PM

    Seven Samurai seems a little too heavy for most kids to digest, I think. Maybe Yojimbo for a Kurosawa alternative? Or perhaps Hidden Fortress because of the whole Star Wars tie-in? Just some others off the top of my head... The Blob, Time Bandits, and For All Mankind. Anyway, great list, I still need to see Young Mr. Lincoln!
  • By Matthew G
    January 01, 2013
    12:54 PM

    I can't wait til my son is old enough to watch some of these. Just a suggestion - if they like The Lady Vanishes, Night Train to Munich and Ministry of Fear are nearly as fun! I'm also praying he likes Playtime...
  • By Aleksi
    January 01, 2013
    05:47 PM

    I agree with Eric Levy: great idea for a list! Some suggestions (in addition to the others already mentioned, which are all good suggestions): Anything with Sabu (eg: Thief of Bagdad; Jungle Book); Les visiteurs de soir (my kid (12, speaks french) liked it); Mon Oncle; Godzilla; Zazie dans le Metro (this one's great for kids!); Green for Danger. Thanks for starting this list! I look forward to seeing what others suggest.
  • By Aleksi
    January 06, 2013
    11:57 AM

    Moviefan777, I really like what you did with the list: doing the "3 Reasons" for each movie was a great idea. Adding a recommended age, also a great idea.
  • By Emma
    August 20, 2013
    05:32 AM

    Nice list! I'd also suggest The Thief of Bagdad, perfect family film. :)
    • By Moviefan777
      August 22, 2013
      07:18 PM

      I was going to put it there as well. However, I sometimes read that teenagers and some cynics might not like it due to the technical limitations (aka green screen) and the "boring" love story. So in that respect, I'd reccomend it to younger children and families of kids under the age of 10. Still, it's a great movie and if you have kids, show it to them. :)
  • By Ozuphile
    August 24, 2013
    02:37 PM

    Seven Samurai is a great choice! In fact it was my entry into Kurosawa, Mifune, and Criterion when I was 13.
    • By Ozuphile
      August 24, 2013
      02:43 PM

      Bergman's Magic Flute too? It's been called a children's opera but the lessons the story gives are for everyone.
  • By Cinemashoppe
    December 05, 2013
    11:10 PM

    Please add to this list. The other suggestions are great. My daughter (5) loves the little tramp movies. Now I've got a map to help guide her with these other titles. It would be great if the movies suggested in the comments had an age added to them.
  • By Joshua Warren
    December 06, 2013
    11:45 AM

    Great list, I'm glad to see that someone is having children/younger people in mind in relation to art cinema. I see no reason that children shouldn't be able to watch 'smarter' films provided they're appropriate for their age. (PS, some punctuations here and there would have been nice.)
  • By TruffautBergman
    November 20, 2014
    07:24 PM

    Cool list! Maybe you could add "The 400 Blows (1959)" and "Toyko Story (1959)" as films to watch?
    • By Moviefan777
      February 24, 2016
      04:32 PM

      Tokyo Story- as well as with an overwhelming majority of Ozu's own filmography- is too adult in nature for kids to understand. The 400 Blows, while emotionally devastating, might be a fine choice for adolescents even though they might not be wowed on immediate impact. By the way, thanks for the compliment.
  • By Eric Levy
    September 15, 2015
    02:42 PM

    I'm back again. Just wanted to say I created a list of Criterions my son--now 11--has seen called Evan's Criterion if you want to check that out. He really liked M. HULOT'S HOLIDAY and I'm anxious to show him more Tati.