Favorite Criterion DVDs/Blu-rays

by Daniel W.

Created 10/21/12

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Simply put, My favorite movies on Criterion. Also, Criterion needs to start putting animated films in the collection. The Richard Williams cut of The Thief and the Cobbler and Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg are good places to start. They have started doing so recently but the above titles need to be there as well.

  • Seven Samurai was my first Criterion purchase (3 disc edition). Seven Samurai is the best screen epic ever made and has never been out done in my opinion. This was my introduction to Kurosawa and all of his movies deserve a blu-ray release. And of course how could you go wrong with having the 25 films box set? All of his movies, (including Dreams, Dersu Uzala and Rhapsody in August) deserve a spot in the collection.

  • To me Wes Anderson can do no wrong (at least he hasn't done so yet). All of his movies are awesome. I love the way he balances comedy and genuine drama. His films are truly unique. Glad to see Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom in the collection. Now for Grand Budapest Hotel.

  • Gilliam's best. Don't have much to say about this one. Everything has already been said in my opinion. Let's move on.

  • These two films are my favorite action movies ever (along with Die Hard). Too bad Michael Bay never repeated the success of The Rock. Oh well. Say what you will about his other films, but The Rock is really one of the better examples of the Action movie genre. As for Hard Boiled, this is the best. What is cooler than Chow Yun Fat blowing away bad guys in a hospital?

  • Where do you even begin when talking about Tarkovsky? He has produced some of the most spiritual films I have ever seen and yet they leave me wanting more. Oh well, we need to treasure the films of his we have. They need to reprint Andrei Rublev on blu-ray and they need The Mirror, Nostalgia, and The Sacrifice on Criterion.

  • The best thing that Python has ever made. Sharply written and the humor about religious hysteria is spot on. Too bad all comedies can't be this funny.

  • I love Fincher's work. I'm glad they put The Game back in and I personally loved Benjamin Button (I saw it twice in theaters). Here's hoping he continues to be awesome.

  • These three films were my introduction to Ingmar Bergman. Since then, I have seen a lot. Even though I love them all, my absolute favorite is Fanny and Alexander.

  • I was having a marathon with my brother watching old black and white movies. This was easily the stand out. Everything in this movie is perfect. Enough said.

  • How can you go wrong with this one? It's a classic monster movie up there with King Kong. I have hope for the upcoming remake. It already looks a billion times better than that terrible 1998 movie?

  • Del Toro is awesome. This movie marks the only vampire story that I love. I hope criterion will release The Devil's Backbone on blu-ray

  • I cannot believe that Criterion lost the rights to this. This deserves a Criterion blu-ray. Oh well, this is truly a masterpiece. The attack on Hidetora's Castle is probably the best battle scene I have ever seen.

  • What can I say? Nolan is the man!

  • Gotta love Robert Mitchum.

  • Do I even need to say how cool this film is?

  • He He He. What fun!

  • I wish we could get a Criterion Blu-ray of this movie. I even wouldn't mind a Criterion blu ray of the Wild Bunch.

  • Ingmar Bergman is so awesome. I like how he examines issues that could happen to all of us. All of his films that I have seen so far are great.

  • Even when I don't understand all the humor in this film, I still love it. My older brother introduced me to this film. He worked in the music industry and so this is a classic to him. I wish I could get the Criterion DVD of this with the two good commentaries. The in-character commentary by the cast on the non-criterion dvd is annoying.

  • All I can say is that I'm glad I rented this on one of my bad days. This one was a joy and a worthy addition to my personal collection.

  • This is a movie that I really felt hit home with me. Something similar happened between my mother and my grandmother. It felt almost as if this movie were really real. Just a great film.

  • I saw this and The Complete Metropolis back to back one day. What fun!!!!

  • I love seeing the first films by famous directors. I'm glad I picked this one up.

  • I think this is my favorite Fritz Lang movie. We need a blu-ray of this one.

  • Yes!!!! This is another Gilliam film on Criterion blu-ray. I can't wait to own this one. I hope The Fisher King or Tideland will follow soon.

  • More Bergman on blu-ray please!!!!!!

  • del Toro is awesome. I was really hoping for this title. Glad to see it will be in the collection.

  • It is so cool I don't even know where to begin.

  • It is hard to believe that at one point I did not like Stanley Kubrick at all. At the insistence of my friends and family, I looked at all of them again. Of his films in the collection, Paths of Glory is the best (although I really like the Killing. I like Spartacus even if it doesn't quite feel like a Kubrick film). That does not mean I like everything he made. I didn't care for Lolita. Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange are among his best. Barry Lyndon was a bore. The Shining was OK. Full Metal Jacket was awesome. But I really did not like Eyes Wide Shut initially but it has really grown on me. On the whole, Kubrick was awesome.

  • Not really a Paul Verhoeven fan, but this and Total Recall are fun and among the best action movies ever made. I was surprised how funny Robocop was too. The remake was ok but not as fun.

  • These are classics for a reason. These (along with many other movies in the collection) are required viewing for film buffs everywhere!

  • This really hit home with me.

  • Just beautiful!!!! This really needs a blu-ray right now!!!!!

  • Although this is not my favorite John Woo film from his Hong Kong days, this still rocks! I badly need to get a criterion DVD of this bad boy. The shoot out in the church is so cool. I wonder if it was inspired by the ending of The Wild Bunch...

  • I never expected to like this movie at all. Wait scratch that. I love this film! This is a powerful film about dissatisfied people. David Thewlis is amazing in this movie. My favorite Mike Leigh film.

  • This is one of my favorite drama/comedies. A great work of art about creating art. Mike Leigh is one of my favorite directors.

  • More Mike Leigh in the Criterion Collection please!!!!!!

  • HOLY CRAP!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!! An animated film in the collection at last! The first since Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira on Laserdisc in the 90's. How fitting it be a Wes Anderson film. Thank you Criterion! I really hope they don't stop here. Here's hoping that Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg or even the Richard Williams' cut of The Thief and the Cobbler make their way to being in the collection.

  • I admit to having a huge crush on Irene Jacob after watching this film. I just love this film.

  • This is an odd film even for Bergman. I still don't quite know what it is all about. But this is a great film and a great addition to the Criterion Collection.

  • I was a bit late in the game as a film buff getting to view this one, but I can see why it's a classic. It is now one of my favorites.

  • Clouzot was a new discovery for me about a year ago. Both movies had me "on the edge of my seat." I had a blast watching these

  • I never thought I would actually cry at the end. Truly one of a kind. A great film. I like Robert Bresson.

  • A film about the difficulty of teaching God's word minus the melodramatic crap. A truly spiritual and heartfelt movie.

  • My least favorite Bresson film so far, but it is still one worth seeing and owning.

  • Old school Sci-fi. It's dated but I don't care. I love watching this.

  • Would it be unusual for one to call this movie a thriller? I found this to be a very intense movie. Just fantastic!

  • I'll admit, this one is a guilty pleasure and I own a copy of this movie. I enjoy watching this one. I understand putting The Rock or Hard Boiled in the Criterion Collection, but this? What's next? A criterion edition of The Room? (Actually that sounds cool!) Oh well, maybe Criterion has a sense of humor.

  • I was not expecting much from Nagisa Oshima especially after watching In the Realm of the Senses (I don't like that one). I just love every bit of this movie. Some will say that I like this one best because it is Oshima's most mainstream film. There may be some truth to that. I like some other works by Oshima, but this one is just fantastic. I was mesmerized. I could not stop watching. I can't wait to watch it again.

  • It is wonderful to see that Criterion is releasing more animation. I love Watership Down. I would love to see more animated films in the collection like Allegro Non Troppo, Macross Do You Remember Love?, End of Evangelion, Mamoru Oshii's Angel's egg, the Mushi Production Animerama trilogy (ok maybe the other two since Belladonna is at Cinelicious pics), the Richard Williams Cut of The Thief and the Cobbler and others deserving of this treatment. This is just fantastic.

  • I have been waiting for a blu-ray update of this one for quite some time. Can't wait to own it.

  • Jean Renoir's first color feature is truly something to behold. I wasn't expecting something like this from him. What a delight. Can't wait for the blu ray.

  • This is a bit of an overlooked Gilliam film. But it is Gilliam at his sweetest. I love it so.

  • My favorite film of 2012. What I love about Wes Anderson is that even though there is a danger to Sam and Suzy running away, this a gentle, fun innocence about it all. The Kids are also allowed to be kids as opposed to the smart mouthed pieces of crap that dominate the disney channel. oh well, this is a great film.

  • Stories of people going terribly wrong is never going out of style and this is no exception. Ken Ogata is just so simultaneously creepy and interesting. I love this.

  • I haven't seen this one in years but it has always left an imprint on me. Can't wait to see it again on blu-ray. I hope criterion also gets Cache or the original Funny Games as well.

  • I think everyone has a soft spot for rebels to one degree or another. Malcolm McDowell (before he was Alex DeLarge) showed how lovable (if that is an appropriate word to use) rebels can be. Films like this can be a way to vicariously live out whatever feelings we have about rebelling against the system. I know the film is about more than that but that is what I think most take away from this. Great film.

  • It sometimes takes guts to admit you were wrong but in this case I was. (I originally had this in my bad films list even though I didn't hate it even when I put it in there). Although it is still not perfect, it is nevertheless a thought provoking and most interesting take on Christ on film. I don't know why my fellow conservative Christians take issue with this film when it flat out admits it is not based on the gospels. This is what you would call speculative fiction. I do like what the film does in order to examine some of the teachings of Jesus. I will have to actually write a proper essay of sorts to properly convey my thoughts but this film really is under appreciated. I don't mind if there are some that don't want to see it due to their religious convictions but no need to protest the damn thing especially if they haven't seen it. Although I still consider this one of his weaker entries, Martin Scorsese is one of those masters who has kept his talent and keeps getting better and better.

  • Krzysztof Kieślowski is one my favorites and we need more of his works in the collection. Here's hoping the Decalogue blu-ray box is coming soon.

  • Criterion seems to be listening. Animation is also important in the art of film and Fantastic Planet is a fine addition to the collection and can't wait to add it to my library. Let's hope more titles like Allegro non Troppo, End of Evangelion, The Richard Williams Cut of The Thief and the Cobbler, The mushi production animerama trilogy, Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg and The Sky Crawlers, as well as many other make it into the collection.

  • This one I didn't see coming since there is already a Blu-ray by Columbia. Oh well it is about time and I am willing to double dip.

  • Oh hell yes!!!!! I will most certainly double dip for this one. One of the best movies I ever saw in a cinema.

  • This is one I have always been curious about. I saw this (the kino release) at an independently owned video store (one of the few still standing in this day and age) when I attended college. I have always liked Kieslowski since I saw double life of veronique. Better add this to the pile of anticipated releases.

  • I have always liked this one. Will Dersu Uzala be next?. I hope so. And here's hoping for a reprint of Ran.

  • P.T. Anderson in the collection at last (Yeah I know Boogie Nights had a Criterion LD). This is a unique film. Hope to see Magnolia or There Will Be Blood next.

  • I remember this one being exceptional. I need to see it again and write something better in this spot.

  • I have always loved visual humor and Jacques Tati is more than satisfactory for me. It isn't big laugh or riotous laugher films but they are something I would call comedy of observation (I don't know if someone already coined that term but even if they have I will still use it). If you pay attention you will not only laugh but you will be rewarded with great visual filmmaking. These are a treat.

  • Harakiri was my introduction to Kobayashi and I have been hooked ever since. Immediately drawn in from the first second, I was blown away. Kwaidan is amazing as well. I have always liked Japanese ghost stories and have always loved the way the one shown in this film were represented. I haven't finished The Human Condition yet but I most certainly will. The first part was intriguing. That is a good sign.

  • When I watched this there was no music at all. I know there are versions that have music tracks but its almost a different experience without sound. It forced me to focus on the performances (especially Falconetti who is as magnificent as I have been told). I loved it.

  • I have somewhat mixed feelings about Terrence Malick. I love his first 4 movies (listed here) but since Tree of Life onward I just can't get into his vision of things. I kind of always had a problem with some of his writing as it felt too self consciously poetic at times but I was willing to roll with it for the first 4 films because there was at least a structure one could follow provided they have the patience. Yes I know his style is freewheeling and he "finds" the film in editing but there were narratives to follow and relate to. Now it just seems he is making crap up as he goes along with his more recent offerings. They are amazingly dull and somehow his writing got worse. Of the 4 listed (I like all of them) The Thin Red Line is my favorite. As for Malick nowadays, I refuse to see anymore from him till I hear something different.

  • My favorite Tarkovsky film. I didn't really know what I was seeing the first time I saw it but I knew I saw something special. Now I can finally have the blu-ray. Now we just need the other Tarkovsky films on Criterion blu-ray.

  • Finally! This one of the Bresson films that I could never really find. It is good to see it in the Criterion Collection. Now I really want Au Hasard Balthazar on blu-ray.

  • Watching this one the first time...I didn't know what I was watching really. I did get better with a subsequent viewing. Haneke really knows how make something stick to you even if you are not what it is.


  • By Ozuphile
    January 12, 2015
    11:01 AM

    Wonderful list! If you created a list of titles you want added to the Collection what would they be?
  • By Daniel W.
    January 14, 2015
    01:01 AM

    Well... let's see. 1. The Thief and the Cobbler (The Richard Williams cut), 2. Hard Eight by Paul Thomas Anderson, 3. Dersu Uzala and Dreams by Akira Kurosawa, 4. The Sky Crawlers, Angel's Egg and Avalon By Mamoru Oshii, 5. Drive and Only God Forgives by Nicholas Winding Refn, 6. The End of Evangelion by Hideaki Anno, 7. Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise by Hiroyuki Yamaga, 8. Anything by Mike Leigh, 9. The Fisher King and Tideland by Terry Gilliam, 10. Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro. This list could go on. There are so many that need a spot in the collection. Criterion really needs to give more attention to animation. Which is why I have some on the list.
    • By Daniel W.
      January 14, 2015
      01:03 AM

      Oh and I forgot to add everything by Tarkovsky (not to mention a much needed blu-ray upgrade of Andrei Rublev).
  • By ScorpioVelvet
    November 13, 2015
    03:40 PM

    Epic list, lots of my favorites I see! :)